Running the Executive for Free?

Conal has an idea… take it away from Stormont with all its attendant expensive and complex security risks, and set it up on Facebook…

  • Steve

    run the government on an unsedured network …… why doesnt that sound like a good idea

  • pat

    With the announcement this week that Facebook is to set up its European base in Dublin, would Unionists not see it as another form of Dublin interference πŸ™‚

  • What the hell does “with the all the expense complext security risks,” mean?

    You’ll find your name enters the english language (like Spooner) if you don’t improve your typing, Mick!

  • Mick Fealty

    Indeed Horse. That’s been a fear of mine ever since starting this site.

  • Mick,

    You’ve certainly given us many a laugh with your gobbledeegook sometimes!

    Even after your surgery, though, its still not quite right:

    … with the all the …


  • Mick Fealty

    Oh bugger… I am glad you’re still laughing though!! Hope you can get along on Tuesday!!

    Steve, I think he was joking… I thought it was only Americans who were not supposed to do irony… πŸ˜‰

  • Steve

    Ahh Mick I think I get lost in the fact that is atleast the fourteenth time he has made this post

    Some days irony doesnt translate via the internment

  • Steve

    LOL okay i am being an ass thinking of another post and posting on this one please ignore me on this thread till further notice

  • Greenflag

    Steve ,

    ‘Some days irony doesnt translate via the internment ‘

    When I saw the word ‘internment ‘ I immediately thought of the late ( in the blogging sense ) Twenty Major’s drop one letter film title .

    How about ‘interment’ for the Assembly? As it’s already dead and the corpse is beginning to reek surely it would be the ‘hygenic’ solution ?

    The faecesbook solution would only prolong the torment .

    Now that th American Congress has saved the world once again for another month by bailing out the latest gang of crooks who I wonder will they have to bail out next ?

    Somehow I can’t see much interest being generated in bailing out yet another failed Stormont.

  • Rory

    Somehow I can’t see much interest being generated in bailing out yet another failed Stormont.

    Aahh, Greenflag! Now I see your material interest in repartition. You must be that mad geezer that’s building all those little lifeboats in that shed above the slip in Strangford.

    “He’s mebbe not all that mad”, say some.

    “There must be money in it nor he wouldn’t be doin’ it”, say others.

    “Yez could float a regiment o’ themmuns on them boats”, said another, a cute sort of a hoor, with a leery wink and a nod.

  • Greenflag



    I’ve 108 built already , plenty of room on board for 6 to 12 people each depending on weight . Included is a below deck drinks cabinet for those wishing to bid a drunken farewell to Stormont from the high seas (the higher the better ;).

    A copy of the Gideon Bible is included on all boats . To keep the costs down I’ve had however to take out the the life belts ;). Ireland being an island I expect all potential customers will be swimmers if not of olympian standard then at least able to float on their backs .

    As they’ve been floating off/on the backs of the taxpayers for ages now I think they have built up enough stamina to float in a gale force 10 north channel .

    These ‘lifeboats ‘ are attractively priced only at 20,000 pounds sterling each and can be resold at a profit to anxious Britons on the opposite coast as they in turn attempt to flee bankrupt Brittania for Ireland of the 500 billion deposit welcomes πŸ˜‰

    PS note I did’nt mention the ‘evil’ R word not even once πŸ˜‰

  • Rory

    I’m thinkin’, Greenflag, that there might be somethin’ in this repartition business after all. Howzabout themmuns get Lough Neagh – no shore access and no fishing rights – and ussuns have the rest? Do ye think that might wash? It is a big lough, ye know. The biggest in these islands. There would be cachet** in dwelling thereon (in your wee lifeboats – so you’ld be sorted).

    ** that’s posh French Spectator– speak for “It’d be dead cool”.

  • “run the government on an unsedured network …… why doesnt that sound like a good idea”

    Would that be a libido free network, Steve? πŸ™‚

  • steve

    that would be small keys and big fingers Nevin. they need to make keyboards in 2 sizes

    womens – girly boys


    extra large for the hard of seeing – barely literate – and extra large individuals(I fit in two categories and I am wearing my glasses)