Welcome to the Slugger Awards 2008…

We had a great readers’ panel meeting on Saturday night, which significantly over ran the allotted and was very productive. Yesterday we were working with WIMPS up at Stormont grabbing video voxpops from politicians, lobbyists and political insiders. Winners’ night is next Tuesday in the Atrium of W5 at the Odyssey in Belfast, and is free and open to all comers. We’ll gather there from 6pm onwards. It will be the biggest fattest blog meet up, with free drinks and nibbles and we hope with a fair proportion of the great and the good in Northern Irish politics and media thrown in. Make sure you book in advance and ensure you get your place. And this is a blogger’s do, so the style is (un)strictly informal.

  • dewi

    Will you video the event Mick?

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ll be there, if Saturday was a taster I’d recommend it to anyone. Though, I wouldn’t fancy that hangover on a work day.

  • RG Cuan

    I’ll be there too! Ag súil go mór leis…

  • Mark McGregor

    Can I encourage you to introduce yourself along the lines of ‘my name is real name aka as blog handle‘. No matter how many times I hear that it never fails to crack me up, it makes the whole pseudonym thing seem really ridiculous.

  • Mick,

    Would it be possible for you to blog all the nominees per category just as a list as opposed to trawling through the threads?

  • Are there shortlists?

  • Hung like a horse

    Don’t worry Mark – I’ll make a point of finding you 😉

  • RG Cuan

    I’ll be going in disguise 😉

  • SlugFest


    A video of the awards night would be greatly appreciated by those of us overseas and/or otherwise unable to attend.

    Hope everyone enjoys!

  • ggn


    While I am well on the way to being a woman there is still a bit of work to do and the voice cannot be helped.

    Please try not to stare.


  • fair_deal

    Perhaps we should go for the ending of V for Vendetta guido masks and black capes all round 😉

  • SlugFest


    Just a thought: why not film the night and sell DVDs of it? The proceeds could go to the cost of running Slugger (and the awards night itself).

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Sorry guys. I was away for the day on account of a family bereavement. I wasn’t ignoring your questions.

    There will be video taken on the night, though of hightlights and interview, rather than the proceedings, which I hope will be brief and to the point. We’ll have a look and see about a dvd. You never quite know what you’ve got until it’s all over. But, that could be an idea.

    We should be showing some of the vox pops that WIMPS have taken over the last few days on Slugger, possibly by the weekend. There’s a lot of work going into that right now.

    The shortlists will be announced on Monday. And then Winners on Tuesday night. If you want to make some late nominations, you can through the relevant threads which you’ll find linked one the side of sluggerawards.com. Don’t overly worry about duplications.

    Also, if you’ve been hovering over whether or not to book a place, I’m told that 150 out of a possible 250 have already gone. And since we only publicly announced it last night, I’d say we could be in danger of ‘selling out’, if you don’t snap them up soon!

    Even if you do make that booking, make sure you get there early enough (from 6pm) to ensure you actually get in. There’s a lot of you I’m looking forward to meeting.

    And don’t be backward in coming forward. I had the chance to meet couple of our readers in LA last year. Heck, who I spent a very enjoyable evening with. Sadly, I missed meeting with Emily (http://normblog.typepad.com/normblog/2004/04/the_normblog_pr.html).

    We’ll maybe think about giving people the option of sticky nametags if they fancy declaring their pseudonyms. Or even if they don’t! I’d like this to be a chance for people really to get to meet each other and talk in person. We finish early enough in the evening for people to hook up at the Awards and maybe drift off for dinner/drinks afterwards.

    PS, just got a Skype message from a close relative in Vietnam, which reads: Slugger Awards sound like a riot or could end in one.

    Let’s hope it’s the former!

  • Suchard

    Surely all the prize money should go to ” The Save Basil Brush Fund” from his own Dromore Rock Banking crisis; as in like all these city rumours it is said that his half year bonus might well have swallowed up all the members’ subs. Help is being rushed in by Gavyn Davies, Adam Applegarth, Nichola Pease, Crispin Davies and all the other well known Shorters. But it would appear that the Bank of England will not supply a lifeboat.The Brush has, it is believed, beseeched The Circus’s very top management team to plug the gap. They have brought in a local trucker along with a well known local soup manufacturer who are trying their very level best along with the Ringmeister to bridge the gap by dead of night so even their own circus shareholders are kept in the dark. This will be achieved by that well known trick of “Les Tres Grands Prestigateurs” of their well known vanishing trick ” Le Grand Champignon a disparu dans La Merde”. This will no doubt finish with a vanishing act by the Brush, hopefully not with all the gate money, and for him to never return.

  • SlugFest

    Fair Deal,

    I do like your suggestion. I take it you’d be against blowing up Stormont, though? 🙂

  • fair_deal


    I was wondering when that particular suggestion would raise itself. Unfortunately I do like parliament buildings. Stormont Castle is a bit of a carbunkle but the Ulster Scot in me can’t destroy something with so many baronial towers. Now Castle buildings and Dundonald house they are screaming out for action. 😉

  • Llamedos

    Fair Deal,
    Obviously has good tast and an architurally sympathetic soul.

  • Llamedos

    Sorry for the spelling Horlicks but I pressed the wrong key – apologies

  • Dewi

    Condolences Mick.