“to reap what are currently unquantifiable, long-term benefits..”

Sir George Bain’s report on the review of policy on location of public sector jobs has been received by the Finance Minister. Brief BBC report here and you can get the full report here. 27 recommendations in total. But there is a caution included in the report’s conclusion.

9.6 We also need to manage expectations. What we are recommending is, in our view, relatively small-scale. We nevertheless believe relocation has the potential to make a positive contribution to the Executive’s overall goals and to help to shape the new Northern Ireland. But implementing our recommendations will require considerable political will. Decisions have to be made, for example, to make upfront investments in the pilot projects, in light of all the known risks, to reap what are currently unquantifiable, long-term benefits. Once those decisions are taken, strong leadership and management, at the highest level, will be necessary to create and maintain the momentum required to implement the pilot projects successfully.