On the Slugger Awards readers session tomorrow…

On tomorrow night’s readers’ get together on the Slugger Awards, it struck me that it would be good if people could bring copies of their favorite local newspaper. I can bring the Co Down Spectator and Andersonstown News. Others mentioned in the Local Newspaper thread that I might not get hold of include the Impartial Reporter, the Derry Journal, the Newry Democrat and the Ulster Star. If anyone can bring any of these it would be great. Don’t worry if they get duplicated, the more copies the better. We will have Kamal and a couple of interns from WIMPS there too, to record some voxc pops towards the end of the session, so we will need some people who are willing to share their views online. I know not all of those who have said they are coming will be. Remember places are extremely limited {encode=”mick.fealty@gmail.com” title=”so don’t forget to drop me a line!”} and I’ll send you the details of when and where…

  • Dewi

    How did it go?

  • missfitz

    What get together? Am I missing something??

  • Dewi

    Sorry – it’s today…..

  • Dewi

    After the event this time…How did it go?

  • Mark McGregor


    I thought it was great craic and an interesting, frank and balanced discussion on the awards without the trolling that often interrupts the online stuff.

    I was very disappointed to discover FairDeal is nice, interesting and good company. Lovely woman. ;0)

  • Comrade Stalin

    It was a real pleasure to meet some of the regular contributors and bloggers. Except Mark, that is. 🙂

    The discussions on the awards were professional and very serious, and I was impressed by the fair play attitude that everyone showed with respect to politicians and views that they themselves did not agree with.

    My head’s still sore with all the Guinness (cheers Mick!) ..