Also this weekend…

I’m going to be in town on Saturday night too. I’m interested in getting together with a small group of regulars in the centre of town to discuss the nominations for the Slugger Awards to date. Who’s already in there and who else you think should be. It’s a kind of public private event for those genuinely interested. I’m hopeing that some of my blogging colleagues will be there along with some of our serious commenters. Intelligent lurkers welcome. Numbers are severely limited, so {encode=”” title=”drop me a line “} if you genuinely want to come in on the discussion and I’ll let you have the details of where and when we’ll be meeting!

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ll be the guy with a carnation and the News Letter.

  • Steve

    You need better reading material Mark

  • Dewi

    What town Mick?

  • willis


    NI Blog

    Only 1 town

    Sadly I will be in another Capital City on Union business. My thoughts go with you…..

  • RepublicanStones

    Make it fancy dress Mick, I won’t be forced to remove my disguise !

  • Mick Fealty


    I think some kind of informal confidentiality agreement would be in order. To save you the bother of heading through Belfast on a Saturday night in drag! 😉

    Seriously. I am hoping that some of our discussions will through up some unexpected insights. It’s an opportunity for people to have an influence on the overall process. And a bit of conviviality.

    I don’t have a structure in mind other than pints, craic and a bit of application. It is Saturday night after all. `You’d only be sitting at home with a glass bottle of red and getting annoyed at something someone you don’t really know (eg, Pete Baker, Ulster Scor nOg finalist – who knew?) said on Slugger, or some other far flung denizen of the universe!