“nobody who knows the score is talking straight about..”

Via Newshound. In the Sunday Journal Eamonn McCann picks up on the same comments I noted here and asks

If the IMC is right, if members of the Provisional IRA are gathering information on people they believe to be in the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA or the INLA, to what use do they intend to put the information they manage to amass?

If they are fully signed up to policing, as they say they are, they must be passing the info to the PSNI? If they are not sharing the intelligence they gather with the PSNI, what’s the implication for their stance on policing? And what is the purpose of the intelligence-gathering in the first place?

As he goes on to say

I am not going to take Terry Spence’s word on the issue. And I wouldn’t believe the time of day from the IMC. But there’s something odd going on here that nobody who knows the score is talking straight about. I think we should be told.