“The European Union and UK Government have set ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions..”

Speaking of the Environment Minister.. I haven’t seen his reaction to this news. But the Economy Minister, his DUP party colleague Arlene Foster, has welcomed the combined study by the British Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, the Geological Survey of Ireland.

Capturing carbon from the main emitters, such as power stations, and storing it underground in deep, secure geological formations, is an important technology that can reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. CO2 captured at a power station could be transported by pipeline and injected into rocks deep below the surface and stored safely there for thousands of years.

It is EU policy to promote CCS technology through a series of demonstration projects and the UK Government is expected to make an announcement of a pilot project later this year.

Welcoming the new information provided by the study, Economy Minister Arlene Foster said: “The European Union and UK Government have set ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions. Electricity generation from renewable or low-carbon sources, such as wind, wave, tidal and geothermal, will assist in this reduction. However, fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal, which emit high levels of CO2, will remain important components of our energy supply for years to come.”

Anything to add on reducing CO2 emissions, Minister? Adds The Republic of Ireland’s Energy Minister Eamon Ryan cautions, “This initial study has indicated that carbon capture and storage may become a viable option for Ireland in the medium term, but considerably more analysis is still required.”