“it is the response to this action that has caused me most unhappiness..”

Somewhat of a footnote to the news that David Cairns, MP, has resigned as Minister of State at the Scotland Office – while Gordon Brown was otherwise occupied.. Despite the earlier denials from a “source close to the Scottish Secretary Des Browne”. The resignation letter is online here. He [Cairns] was once a NIO minister. He moved on in May 2007. Although the BBC don’t appear to have noticed that brief stint at Stormont for their brief profile.. Adds From Mark Devenport.

On a recent Inside Politics Shaun Woodward told me a leadership challenge to Mr Brown would be “insane”, but Mr Brown could be forgiven for looking a shade suspiciously at both him and Paul Goggins. Now that 3 former NIO ministers, David Cairns, George Howarth and Barry Gardiner have all joined the anti-Brown cabal can anyone associated with Hillsborough be trusted?


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