“I think it’s only fair that they should open that envelope..”

According to the Irish News report

Yesterday [Friday] Crown counsel Gerald Simpson QC said the PPS would now allow Court of Appeal judges to read the CCRC’s findings but objected to the details being shared with defence barristers or being made public.

Which would make things slightly less farcical than it otherwise would have been. But Danny Morrison’s barrister is correct when he argues

Mr Morrison’s barrister Charles Adair QC said that the supposedly reliable evidence originally used to convict his client had been put into the public arena and it was now only proper that Morrison should be entitled to the same level of openness when his conviction was now to be quashed. “It seems amazing that the court is saying that we find this man not guilty but we don’t know why,” he said.

And as Morrison himself says,

Mr Morrison said demanded that the CCRC findings should now be made public. “I think it’s only fair that they should open that envelope. We are entitled to see what these documents say, provided it isn’t endangering anyone,” he said. “We appeared in a trial, during which all sorts of things were alleged. We were wrongly convicted in public and I think given the new political dispensation it is only fair that we are given the reasons for our original convictions now being overturned. The court owes us that much.”

This is a new political dispensation, after all..

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    “We are entitled to see what these documents say, provided it isn’t endangering anyone,”

    Good cover Danny.

  • Oh, I see that Peter Baker has started a thread while I was trying to get in touch with Mick about someone doing so. Thanks, Peter Baker.

    The quashing of Danny Morrison’s conviction without explanation is apparently because any hearing about it or retrial would raise the whole ugly issue of who ‘Steak knife’ is, why the Brits, especially the FRU and the RUC’s SB, were so desirious in having ‘Stake knife’ aka Freddie Scappaticci set Morrison up as the PIRA’s “Lord Chief Justice” at Sandy Lynch’s benefit, etc.

    It seems that it was all considered necessary after ‘Steak knife’ went on the rampage after the Brits’ set him up for the cull on The Rock – what led to his disposing apparently of Joe Fenton to protect his double agent identity and activity while the FRU was trying to get him back under control.

    The setting up of Morrison after the failure of the flying squad attack on Roslea as apparently the real head of the nutting squad – what journalist Ed Moloney made out in A Secret History of the IRA, p. 331ff. – was intended to show the lengths the securocrats were willing to go in order to get a handle again on ‘Steak knife’.

    During this war in the twilight, of course, the darkest secret was who betrayed the Eksund, and what else its betrayer did, and got in return.

    This is the trickiest bit of the whole Troubles.

  • Veritas

    Danny never did nuffin, neither did Ray McCartney and Gerry was never in the RA. Anyone else see a trend here.

  • Yeah, Veritas, you are bitter person, apparently of a loyalist nature.

    If Danny Morrison did something serious, why has his conviction been quashed without any explanation?

    You just like to lump people together who you somehow detest in a most serious manner.

  • lorraine

    Trowbridge H. Ford

    ‘Steak knife’ went on the rampage after the Brits’ set him up for the cull on The Rock – what led to his disposing apparently of Joe Fenton to protect his double agent identity and activity while the FRU was trying to get him back under control.

    trowbridge, i’m intrigued……what does that mean?

  • Here is the link, lorraine, to my most general article about the most complication matter:


    It deads with Captain Simon Hayward, the Ops Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company’s South Detachment (June 1985-March1987), crossing paths with ‘Steak knife’ while he was in Ibiza with his borther Christopher – apparently on a mission to assassinate Qaddafi – but ‘Steak knife’ stopped it, settling up Hayward here on a false drug-running charge because of all the potting he had done back in N.I. and apparently here in Stockholm.

    This caused an increasing conflict between them, resulting in the FRU having to re-direct the assassination attempt that Hayward arranged for ‘Steak knife’ against Francisco Notarantonio. This was while ‘Steak Knife’ was helping arrange the capture of the Eksund.

    Of course, this sent Hayward up the wall, and in order to quiet him while he was here in prison, MI5 and the SAS arranged the cull of The Rock, expecting the Provos to suspect him of being behind the killing – what ‘Steak knife’ agreed to frustrate because of the one his Provo colleagues had carried out at Enniskillen after the Eksund’s capture.

    The Brits engaged in such overkill at Gib, though, that the Army Council was not too upset about it, especially when ‘Steak knife’ then organized the payback against all those troopers in the UK and abroad.

    During this time, ‘Steak knife’ suspected or knew that Fenton knew that he had been working for the Brits, thanks apparently to the trysts he had carried on in property Fenton was engaged in selling.

    The FRU was so worried about the turnabout by ‘Steak knife’ that it went to the trouble of making it look as if Morrison was he in the Sandy Lynch fiasco even after it had let ‘Steak knife’ get away with murder at Roslea.

    If you want to know more, just ask.

  • Veritas

    “If Danny Morrison did something serious, why has his conviction been quashed without any explanation?”

    Maybe something to do with the fact that he was stitched up in the first place, but what about the others who had less fortunate encounters with Steak Knife? Who really knew about Steak Knife and who helped protect him when he was exposed?

    Drawing comparision between three “innocent” SF members is hardly “lumping” and I never said what my political persuasions were.

  • lorraine


    thankyou for the link. that’s pretty heavy reading but one point of confusion remains. steak knife is twice named in it but on each occasion he’s given a different name. so, who is steak knife really?
    more to the point what is steak knife?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “[i]more to the point what is steak knife?”[/i]

    Steak Knife is a serrated impliment with many edges, ideal for seperating things that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

  • Lorraine, the simple answer to your questions is that there are two persons called ‘Steak knife’ – the real one, and the creature that the FRU created called ‘Stake knife’ aka Freddie Scappaticci to cover up for the existence and the activities of the former.

    As for who the real ‘Steak knife’ apparently is, I suggest that you real Simon Hayward’s autobiography about him, apparently aka DOOK, and DUKE, especially this passage from Under Fire: My Own Story:

    “He was small, about five foot seven, slim and wiry, in his late thirties or ealy forties. His hair was blond to ginerish, and on this occasion he was clean shaven, although I remebered a beard from previous meetings. When he spoke his accent was soft Irish, probably originiating from the Republic.” (p. 59)

    For who thís Provo might be, I suggest you consult the photos of the PIRA Council at the time.

    As for what he did, he was by far the most important tout that the British had from for the generation during which The Troubles were really breaking out until even ‘Steak knife’ himself was instrumental in bringing it to a close.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Have the Shinners gone into hiding?

  • fionn

    Trowbridge, I did a bit of digging and came across this article


    ‘what’ was obvioulsy written by you. I have no doubt you believe all that stuff; but in fact your article contains too many errors to even point out.

    Some comments outright baffled me, such as the mutilation of Irene Andrews body “..to indicate, it seems, the sectarian sources of the slayings.”


  • fionn

    Trollbridge, your ‘infomationclearinghouse’ article is full of holes too…

    The Provos did not kill Airey Neave…

    Where are you from?

  • You can quibble all you like, fionn, about individual killings, but I still think that the Provos killed Neave – not the INLA as Paul Routledge conveniently claimed – especially since it lumped him and Ian Gow when it admitted killing the latter, as this link shows:


    Do you have anything to say of any importance about what I claim, especially about who ‘Steak knife’ really is, what he did, and why?