“I think it’s only fair that they should open that envelope..”

According to the Irish News report

Yesterday [Friday] Crown counsel Gerald Simpson QC said the PPS would now allow Court of Appeal judges to read the CCRC’s findings but objected to the details being shared with defence barristers or being made public.

Which would make things slightly less farcical than it otherwise would have been. But Danny Morrison’s barrister is correct when he argues

Mr Morrison’s barrister Charles Adair QC said that the supposedly reliable evidence originally used to convict his client had been put into the public arena and it was now only proper that Morrison should be entitled to the same level of openness when his conviction was now to be quashed. “It seems amazing that the court is saying that we find this man not guilty but we don’t know why,” he said.

And as Morrison himself says,

Mr Morrison said demanded that the CCRC findings should now be made public. “I think it’s only fair that they should open that envelope. We are entitled to see what these documents say, provided it isn’t endangering anyone,” he said. “We appeared in a trial, during which all sorts of things were alleged. We were wrongly convicted in public and I think given the new political dispensation it is only fair that we are given the reasons for our original convictions now being overturned. The court owes us that much.”

This is a new political dispensation, after all..