Slugger Awards: Local Newspapers

Another pointer back to the nomination thread for the local newspaper of the year. As some pointed out on the original thread, this is a tough one to do as a straight comparison. So we don’t intend do a comparison one with the other. But rather to judge them one the material and evidence provided by the readers making the nominations, and from the knowledge and perspective of the judging panel. Although I cannot emphasis enough just how important the material you can provide will be in enriching the decision of that panel. Below the fold, I’ve posted a summary of contributions to give a sense of where we are to date. So let it rip, although of course, usual award rules apply: keep it positive!On the original thread so far:

Co Down Spectator: “The best local newspaper by far is the County Down Spectator – a bit too Ulster Unionist for my tastes but good local coverage. Also they have quite a whitty columnist called Louise Farr and Adam Harbinson, whose “wit and wisdom” column sometimes had me reaching for my keyboard to refute his arguments is a genuinely good local paper. I would imagine this is reflected in the circulation – everyone I know in Bangor always buys “The Speccie” on a Thursday. ” – Blackmouth

Newry Democrat: “Both the Newry papers ( The Newry Reporter and the Newry Democrat) are read on both sides of the divide and are well written and informative. The Newry Democrat however shades it in my opinion as its bigger, more modern in design and has a better nose for a story. Also the section on each areas local news is excellent. The entertainment pages also stand out and Fabian Boyles history section is superb.” – The Serpent “Latest figures from ABC (Audited Bureau of Circulation); Newry Reporter: 14,474; Newry Democrat: 8,371” – Eddie

Impartial Reporter: “…always gets a good balance and spots the more interesting angles to stories where its main rival, the Herald, sometimes fails. They could do with a columnist though” – Skintown Lad; “I find the Impartial Reporter much better than (for example) the locals I would have read in Ballymena. There’s always a slant on local politics which the dailies haven’t picked up. For that reason my nomination would go to the Impartial Reporter. It is also perhaps the most hilarious for silly little local court / daft farmer stuff (although I appreciate that is not the basis of selection for this award). ” – Chechov “as part of my job i get to see most of the locals and for me this is one of the few papers that has proper journalism, proper features and measured opinion pieces. Good stuff.” – bo shank “The stewardship of Denzil Mc Daniel did a lot for the Impartial Reporter, it used to be a right old rag. I’d speculate that demographic changes in that part of the world played a role as well in making it a more ‘cross community’ paper.” – Tochais Siorai

Ulster Star: “for consistently giving fair coverage to SF’s Paul Butler despite the fact (or maybe because of the fact?) it drives a sizable section of their readership nuts as demonstrated via the letters page.” – Mark McGregor

North Belfast News
: “We get the North Belfast News. It does the job, and gets read by a few people in the house every week” – Kensei

Derry Journal: “…it drives me nuts 85% of the time, has a tendency to make it seem like Derry (in comparison with Donegal) is a dreadful place but oddly it is very much in tune with its readership and gives the punters what they want twice a week, you can’t ask more from a local paper. ” Harry Flashman

Andersonstown News: “I would suggest the Andersonstown News does an excellent job for their community.”