NIAPN faces closure

Heading into a winter of discontent with increased fuel charges and massive price increases across basic food necessities destined to hit the most vulnerable in society hardest, it is disheartening to hear that the NI Anti Poverty Network is also facing a credit crunch. The body, which has long campaigned on behalf of the poorest in society, could face closure, as it’s funding dries up.

Just when we are needed most, we may have to close. This means that “on the ground” research and information, education, lobbying – and most importantly the liaison work that the Network does to connect statutory and government bodies with those experiencing poverty – will grind to a halt.

  • it won’t close.

    it’s called attracting funding.

  • At a time when an increasing number of people are being marginalized in society, it is essential that organizations like this are able to do their work. I read a statistic today that said approx 50 percent of the UKs population live on a wage of 22K and under, less tax etc. This section will be hit hard by the rises in mortgage payments, petrol and utilities, and it is no longer only the so called underclass that organizations like NIAPN works with and on behalf of.

  • J Larkin

    Who is NIAPN and are they wise? They want government to fund them to campaign against poverty – that’s a laugh. He who pays the Piper calls the tune! What’s going on, where are all the radicals gone, they can’t be serious if they’re looking for grants. And what do they actually do?

  • Rapunsel

    I haven’t seen any evidence that the NIAPN has actually had an impact on poverty. So it wants to exist to keep on telling people things that they then ignore. I won’t be signing the petition , sometimes organisations run their course and need to wind up. Emotional blackmail for funding to keep going should not be responded to. I work in the sector by the way and the change that is coming is long overdue and needed. The NIAPN is not needed in order that organisations campaign against poverty .

  • rapunsel

    And those changes that are coming are? I doubt the most disadvantaged have been consulted on their needs.