A Belfast Salon in a Brazen City!

If have enjoyed our recent blog coverage of the US elections, you should enjoy this. The Belfast Salon set up by Pauline Hadaway and Siobhan O’Dwyer last year, is asking whether the US is about to reclaim the American Dream, or not. It takes place next Tuesday 16 September 2008 7.00pm – Upstairs in the Spaniard Bar 3 Skipper Street Belfast. Oh, and here’s another Belfast project. The Brazen City is a new online magazine about the town some of us love so well, Belfast. More power to you elbow lads. There’s plenty of talent out there!

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  • I went to the last Belfast Salon event and enjoyed an evening’s serious political discussion immensely.

  • OC

    The New American Dream is to escape a 3d world country, become an illegal alien in America, and help turn it into a 2d world country.

  • Mick Fealty

    Sounds like you should go, OC!