Ireland’s still special, honest. Obama can U turn too

Hardly the most startling U Turn in history as the Democrats’ powerbrokers assert themselves. From the way the story is written up in Irish Voice Niall Dowd and co are still smarting. ….“ shore up Obama’s somewhat frayed relationship with Irish America….” Was it really only a week or so ago since the Obama camp announced: “He will consult with the Taoiseach, the British prime minister, and party leaders in Northern Ireland to determine whether a special US envoy for Northern Ireland continues to be necessary or a senior administration official, serving as point person for Northern Ireland, would be most effective.”

Now it’s all “I am delighted to be able to call upon a ‘Dream Team’ of leaders who cherish the U.S.-Irish bond as I do,” said Obama, “I look forward to putting in place policies that will fortify this indispensable relationship.” Fortified also by Obama’s ( rather thin) Irish portfolio.
So no surprise here. The guy has to wear the full mantle of The Candidate now, he’s not just some intriguing, original, changing…. Some things never change.

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