“The mechanism which they have chosen..”

You can take your pick of the coverage of publication of the 19th IMC reportBBC, RTÉ, Irish Times, The Guardian, or Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP. From the report itself [pdf file] Adds More reaction here

2.14 We are aware of the questions posed about the public disbandment of PIRA’s leadership structures. We believe that PIRA has chosen another method of bringing what it describes as its armed struggle to a final close. Under PIRA’s own rules the Army Council was the body that directed its military campaign. Now that that campaign is well and truly over, the Army Council by deliberate choice is no longer operational or functional. This situation has been brought about by a conscious decision to let it fall into disuse rather than through any other mechanism. We now have a context where there are no longer the emotional drivers which caused the IRA to be resurrected in 1969 and the leadership which created and moulded the modern-day PIRA has turned its interest and attention exclusively to politics as the means of furthering its objectives. The mechanism which they have chosen to bring the armed conflict to a complete end has been the standing down of the structures which engaged in the armed campaign and the conscious decision to allow the Army Council to fall into disuse. By taking these steps PIRA has completely relinquished the leadership and other structures appropriate to a time of armed conflict.

Adds Heh. Mark Devenport has some thoughts.

In the meantime, Jim Allister has been pouring scorn on today’s report, which he reckons is full of “Jesuitical verbiage”. With the Stormont Execuitive having failed to convene since mid June, the Traditional Unionist MEP argues that it too is no longer “operational or functional”, yet, he points out, one would hardly deny that it exists.