Effective Palin spoiler, but Obama still taking the steady money

Sorry for all the US stuff at the moment, but it is the big pol story of the moment, and I’m deliberately tracking it in detail for the Daily Telegraph over at Brassneck. The appointment/nomination of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate seems to have shaken things up nicely and caught the Democrats napping. But they have more than the not-much-better-than-evens in the polls to catch Obama on. They need to get some momentum going. Only next week’s Republican National Convention and the ensuing trend in the polls will tell us if they’ve managed a significant change in the polling tread. Meanwhile, Obama enjoys 60% of the much less volatile spread markets. The next two months will be a test of both men’s character and nerve.

  • Rory

    I cannot say that I am as aggrieved as any Hilary Clinton campaign worker but I do say that Barak Obama’s candidacy for US president annoys the hell out of me. Tough, Rory.

    I will say that the Republican Party choice of Sarah Palin for VP candidacy is both inspired and terrifying for supporters of the Democrat candidate, which, howevever hopeless, includes me.

    If I was a betting man (which I am) and if I had the money (which I don’t) I would be taking the best odds I could get on the “old hoss”.

    Speaking of which reminds me of what the very loveable, very bad, younger daughter” asked me earlier today – ” Wotcher fink, dad,” ahe said, ” Obama gets bumped before the election or arrter? What’s the odds then?” The very, very good older daughter said, “Oh dear that’s not very nice”, – she’d try a bloody man’s patience that one.

    Sometimes I do despair. I don’t know where the young one gets it from.

  • But they have more than the not much better than evens to catch up on.

    Sorry: at that point of the argument, the rhetoric eluded me.

    Please help.

  • Mick Fealty

    Amended to, hopefully, make sense Malcolm…

  • Mick Fealty

    Best quote yet from the Brassneck thread:

    “This is like taking Marge Gunderson out of “Fargo” and putting her in “The West Wing”.

    “But there again “Fargo” was a black comedy set in Minnesota….. “

  • Mick-

    “Sorry for all the US stuff at the moment.”

    Don’t be. Keep it coming!

  • This is, liked it or not, the most important issue in the western world these next nine weeks, so your first sentence is absolutely on track. We should continue to pay attention all the way to 4th November.

    Yes, I was a Clintonista: mainly because I still fail to conceive how any civilised society can put up with that disaster of (a lack of proper) health insurance. At least Hillary was making some credible noises (which seem to be echoed in the Dems’ present platform — so all may not be lost).

    So, after the statutory Saturday spag bol and its essential second bottle, here comes my (slightly tipsy) bottom line:

    We cannot go on as we are. The US war in the Middle East ($1.6 trillion going on $3 trillion) is unsustainable. It is a, perhaps the major contributory factor to the current down-turn. McCain says see-it-through. Obama says out in sixteen months.

    Then there is the crucial matter of the US domestic economy. McCain seems to want to persist with tax-cuts which benefit the better-off. That hasn’t worked with Bush’s economics, so why should it change now? Obama is aiming any tax benefits to the less well provided. Sorry: but I know where I came from. Example: 147,000 US families constitute the top 0.1% of wealth: McCain awards each a $269,364 tax cut, Obama raises their taxes, by $701,885.

    Let’s throw in the ecological arguments. Obama is pledging a decade of escaping fom Middle-eastern oil. That’s just as well, because that’s about when the supply starts to run out. At least McCain has made positve noises about Kyoto, and breaking from the Bush oil obsession; but we are not clear whether he has gone nuke or for fossil fuels.

    And so on and so forth.

    Doubtless we’ll come this way again. I’m just not up to deciphering each and every nuance of the Convention weeks and assuming they translate into actual policy. But, no, I don’t think the nomination of a youngish lady from Alaska is worth “a bucket of warm piss” (N.B. “Cactus Jack” Garner’s original expression: I accept no “pantywaist” — also his comment — euphemism) or makes a blind bit of difference.

    Now, all of this has distracted me from my intended task: reflecting on Boston’s MTA and “Charlie”. Malcolm Redfellow’s World Service is thus the less.

  • latcheeco

    Fair enough but she did catch everybody napping not just dems(other prominent rep. pundits couldn’t even, and were asking how to, pronounce her name).When the dust settles apart from throwing out the Republicans best spoken-out-loud arguement against Obama, I think it might not help them and might damage them. She leaves them vulnerable on experience and national security if the oul guy croaks in office is she the next president (a very real issue). Plus the fact McCain doesn’t even know her. It’s a Hail Mary pass being dressed up as sublime inspiration. Its aimed more for the right wing than the center but I doubt it matters much because I can’t see that most people don’t already know which way they are going in November. Mr. Gustav is going to intervene on their airtime next week which in a way the reps. are probably thankful for given the show they had to follow. Wheeling out Palin with her kids with Uncle John and Auntie Cindi will be a good photo op. but reminders of Katrina and high gas prices as Gustav wrecks havoc with the Gulf rigs next week will also focus people (whether or not that’s fair is another matter).


    Marge Gunderson is one of the greatest female movie roles of the last twenty years. I’d sleep more soundly at night knowing she was at the reins.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘I’d sleep more soundly at night knowing she was at the reins.’


  • RepublicanStones

    I like her she seems to have the pro-Israel crowd all

  • RepublicanStones
  • Rory

    The thinking liberal’s bet might be that Sarah Palin will be exposed as a dozy upon the slightest scrutiny. I am not so sure that this matters, or indeed that the choice of Palin had any intent to woo that constituency which is already sold on Barama and, more to the point, is numerically insignificant.

    Palin’s reputed dearth of intellectual prowess, administrative capability and her less than ease in matters of foreign policy are not necessarily a handicap for a Republican candidate, George W.’s eight years attest to that. We might suppose that, at least, unlike a former Republican default presedential incumbent, she can “chew gum and walk at the same time”. Nor is it likely that she will be open or susceptible to taunts that, “I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy”.

    Indeed it is her very vulnerability that might serve to armour-plate her for who wants to appear a bully to someone so apparently personable?

    This nomination is a tactic that lays its bets on imagery. McCain may not have found his Jimmy Stewart but this Lucille Ball might yet do the trick.

  • i read somewhere that since the start of the presidential canpaign, john mc cain pours himself one shot vodka each night to ‘release the stress of the race to the white house’.

    what if he is elected? the stress of being the president of the usa is much more than being a candidate for it! so would smirnoff be delivering truck loads of vodka to the white house everyday!!??

  • cynic

    Palin has a voice that sounds like a steel comb scraping down a plate glass window. This is that bad a decision that Hollywood will make a movie of it. Problem is genre could be

    LIGHT COMEDY hockey mom goes to Washington as innocent abroad who changes the world

    DISASTER whopps, what were all those big bangs? did i press the wrong button guys?

    Still, if McCain wins perhaps the Moose will sleep sounder for 4 years knowing that she’s off in Washington for a lot of the time.

  • cynic

    Ah Stones

    You like her because Jews don’t?

    Any other groups / people you don’t like on racial grounds?

  • Dewi

    Taking it to a new level Interesting on the Republican attack team.

  • Dewi

    Best question to Palin yet:

    “How many igloos do you own ?”

  • frustrated democrat

    Having lived in the US for a time, I still think the average US voter will not vote for a black man, the liberals and left wingers might, but blue collar democrats will have great difficulty when they cast their vote their private vote. This is especially true now that a blue collar conservative has joined the ticket.

    The US is not ready for a Black President.

  • Rory

    Good link on the Republican attack team, Dewi.

    Christ! a black, Islamic, drug abusing Marxist terrorist with ideas above his station. I wonder is he gay as well?

  • OC

    Mick Fealty:

    “Meanwhile, Obama enjoys 60% of the much less volatile spread markets.”


    IMO it is a valid reason NOT to vote for McCain due to his age & health; or to NOT vote for Obama due to his lack of experience.

    But Palin becoming president by default also comes with an emergency new vice-president, who knows, maybe Joe Biden.

    BTW don’t you just love theatrocracy?

  • OC

    Soory, Mick, found it in your a link from your link.

  • David

    Obama is an empty media phenomenon. He certainly gives good speeches, but he was elected by cosying up to his party’s corrupt electoral machine in Chicago. Contrast this with Palin who took on and beat the corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska. Obama talks about change, Palin has actually delivered it.

    I think that McCain made a good choice. Palin plays well with the Republican base and with blue-collar voters. The base was not that keen on McCain, few of them will stay at home now as Palin has really energised them. Obama had to distance himself from his own campaign’s initial lines of attack on Palin (small town mayor) as he could see that this was not going to do his chances in small towns or amongst blue collar workers any good.

    Palin is strong where the Obama campaign is weak. The “elitist liberal” (sorry can’t think of a better term) wing of the Democratic Party is a big turn off for voters. This wing hates Palin for being lower midddle class, a working mother, not going to an elite college, coming from a small town, living in a small state, not being cultured, owning a gun, being a hunter and having a manual worker for a husband. Clearly there are large constituencies of swing voters that fall into each of these categories. If the “elitist liberal” wing of the DP goes on the attack against Palin on any of these issues prepare to watch Obama’s voter base shrink accordingly.

    Palin, in other words, is McCain giving the Democratic Party’s liberal elite enough rope to hang their candidate.

  • Dewi

    She has a bit of pending baggage though David – wouldn’t like to be ex brother in law of hers

  • Greenflag


    Good link . Just proves that there is nothing left for the Republicans to run on except ‘swiftboating ‘ Obama . I can’t see them trying to win this election based on their ‘record ‘ of achievements since 2000 and even less since 2004 .

    frustrated democrat,

    ‘The US is not ready for a Black President. ‘

    Given the choice between another 4 years of Bushonimcs under McCain to add onto the failures of the last 8 most Americans will not be looking at the colour of the candidates’s skin . They’ll be looking to ensure the Republcians are booted out decisively . Mrs Palin and her 3 electoral votes and the votes of ‘born agains’ in the South and North West may help moderate the loss .

  • David @ 01:09 PM:

    Nice rant. Shows considerable imaginative interpretation.

    However, for a view from the front row, try the coverage in the Anchorage Daily News. The full skinny on Trooper Wooten was there as far back as 27th July, long before the current schemozzle.

    There’s today’s piece by the local journalist, Tom Kizza. This is directed at the claims that Palin is a tough-minded budget-cutter. Kizza implies that, too, is somewhat loose with the actualité.

    It still leaves open the questions:
    Is a woman who (according to one account) in 44 years has never made it to Washington DC, even once, a good choice for the Veep slot, or for a national campaign?
    Should we be convinced by the cuddling embrace between McCain and Palin, when they had met only the once and briefly previously?

  • latcheeco

    Frustrated Dem,
    I think you might be right, though I hope to God you’re not. Again I think the election will swing on which is more unpalatable for blue collar whites: Republicans economics for four more years or Barak’s name and skin color.

  • Greenflag

    Alaska Theatre presents

    Im Palin Hisself- by Gop Hopeful

    Scene I

    “The Mooose and the Brother in law.

    Alaskan native Wooten admits shooting a moose without a permit. The moose is then butchered by Governor Palin’s father, and the meat shared among the Palins, including Governor Palin herself.
    Former friend of the Palin’s, Monegan finds himself out of a job, and is replaced by the former police chief of Kenai (pop. 7,400), the excellently-named Chuck Kopp. Kopp who coincidentally is a long-time acquaintance of the Palins. There’s not much to do in Alaska in winter apart from Moose shooting ,fightin with the in laws and building igloos . CFC in Alaska means ‘Cabin Fever Conditioning’ the northern version of the traditional Texan SFAQL (Shoot first ask questions later)

    Scene 2

    Senator John McCain meets Sarah Palin once and is so smitten by her runner up beauty pageant charm that he looks at her several more times before choosing her for his close at hand ‘minder’ for his dotage . She can also do that other job Veep on the side .

    Scene 3,

    Anything Goes .

    (to be continued )

    Thanks to malcolm redfellow’s world service for ‘inspiration’

  • Greenflag

    Scene 3 :

    Sarah is elected VP with John McCain in November 2008 . Two months later the ‘investigation ‘ into the Alaskan ‘firing ‘ scandal makes it’s report finding Governor Palin exceeded her powers in interfering in a legal process with proven intent.
    Sarah is forced to resign as VP and move back to her igloo . Meanwhile in Washington DC the soap opera continues with a heart broken McCain forced to look for another Republican beauty queen to take the place of Sarah . Women across the country are distraught at the first woman VP being forced to resign after only two months in office . Meanwhile back at Steve Schitt’s Republican Bunker loud guffaws reverberate as their ‘Hilary ‘ clone bites the dust. Meanwhile US troops mass on the Iranian border and Israeli jets take to the skys . Yeeeehaw folks here comes Armageddon time -again 🙁

  • latcheeco

    In fairness there are also allegations that he got fired for tasering his wife and kid

  • Greenflag

    latchiko .

    In Alaska that would be ‘normal ‘ CFC behaviour (Cabin Fever condition ) 🙂

    Seriously the law needs to take it’s course even in Alaska . People in NI and Zimbabwe should be aware of what can happen when politicians interfere in due process.

  • Greenflag

    Campaign Nov 2008 – Political Quiz I

    ‘How many houses should one own ‘?

    Contestant McCain –

    ‘Eh let me see . One , two does that include condos -seven – hang on I’ll have to ask my staff .

    Contestant Obama –

    Three .

    Senate , House of Representatives , and the White House .

  • dodrade

    How is Palin going to attract disaffected female Hillary suporters? They are political polar opposites, the only thing they have in common is a uterus.

  • Greenflag

    Dodrade ,

    ‘They are political polar opposites,’

    LOL . Not only political . Geographically Mrs Palin is also a lot closer to the North Pole :)Expect to see lots of cartoons featuring igloos, reindeer , moose hunting , polar bears and oil rigs .

    I believe McCain has shot himself in the groin on this decision . She will be tough target to go after for the democrats as Rory has pointed out earlier but thats okay -they can focus on the Bush /McCain link all the more . Neither Obama Biden will ‘eat her alive’ on lack of credentials in debate . Theyre too much political pro’s to fall for that one .

  • latcheeco

    I don’t know if the audience will be as symathetic to her as you might think in debate. She’s going to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency if sameold wins. Hilery didn’t get a free pass. Big girls games big girls rules as they say.

  • Greenflag

    latchiko ,

    ‘Hilary didn’t get a free pass’

    Hilary did’nt need one nor did she expect one . A pity she did’nt make it . There would have been no doubts about her street cred re doing the job after all she basically did it 1992 to 2000 🙂

    Looks like the biggest ‘spoiler ‘ will be Hurricane Gustav . With Bush ,Schwartzenegger and other top Republicans all crying off poor McCain is between a rock and a hard place. He may call it off at great expense or be seen to celebrate while New Orleans drowns -the latter a timely reminder to the response of the Bush administration to Katrina.

    With the convention opening tomorrow and thousands already in the twin cities it’s now probably too late to postpone it .

    There is always a silver lining of course – No embarassing photos or sound bites of the Senator being seen to be supported by Bush and his neo con friends . Overall though the hurricane impact may be a ‘plus’ for the Obama campaign and it’ll keep the Republican convention in second place in the media wars.

  • latcheeco

    As long as my roof stays on W can do whatever to feck he likes:) I’m sure he’s delighted with the storms fortutitous arrival. But the sight of reps. havin’ a ball while Gustav plays havoc cannot be the best PR for them. We’ll agree to disagree on the pity of Hilery but if she was going to run the country the way she ran her campaign….:)

  • frustrated democrat


    You shouldn’t let your bias cloud your judgement, Palin may turn out to be a match for Biden in debate if she does the Democrats are finished.

    From what I have seen he had better beware or she may wipe the floor with him, and if not she may treat him as another moose!

  • latcheeco

    What exactly is she going to use to wipe the floor with him? The Reps record, her foreign policy knowledge, her experience as Mayor of Mooseville? It could just as easily be ugly for the reps.

  • gram

    Now here’s a scary thought I heard on telly this morning. Sen McCain isn’t the youngest and has to be a decent bet to pop his cloggs while in office. This could see Marge leading the western world in a couple of years.

  • latcheeco

    If it wasn’t real you’d think it was the plot for a bad movie..Mom Goes To Washington

  • frustrated democrat


    Often debates are less about content than presentation – we might just see a ‘where’s the moose’ moment.

    From the two or three speeches Palin has given to date I certainly wouldn’t write her off at this stage.

    Winning an election whether for 7000, 700,000 or 300,000,000 is essentialy the same process, the public have to like you and what you stand for and think you will have policies that they feel comfortable with.

    Does Obama have any detailed policies as yet which are costed into a budget. It seems he is promising the voters Utopia without telling them who is going to pay for it, 95% better off with lower taxes etc.

    He will have to start answering these questions if he is to attract enough voters who voted Republican last time.

  • I still say McCain will get it. He better, given I have 100 euro on him on Paddypower.com. Ppl forget it’s the electoral-college that matters in this election, not the popular vote. There Obama’s lead is just 273-265, and this 273 doesn’t encompass the traditional swing-states of Ohio, Florida or Missouri according to the realclearpolitics.com Electoral College map (click on no toss-up states).Historically, whoever wins Ohio and Missouri wins the White House. Since 1878, Ohio has always voted for the winner except in 1960, while Missouri has voted for the winner since 1909 except for 1956. The reasons for this are that both states are seen as a microcosm of American society as a whole, with a representative mix of conservative rural and liberal urban, and ethnic minority populations. I just can’t imagination a society as socially-conservative as America electing to control the Pentagon a man who frequented the company of Bill Ayers, a man who bombed the Pentagon (including a fundraiser at Ayers’ house). And that doesn’t include a backlash from the Rev.Wright affair, which will be more widely known about closer to polling-day. This is an unusually patriotic and sometimes jingoistic country, and I just can’t see them electing someone with these kinds of radical associations.

  • willis

    Surely Turgon or Fair Deal could start a thread based on these links:



    Seems like God isn’t listening to James Dobson.

  • latcheeco on Aug 31, 2008 @ 08:29 PM:

    Your fantasy of “Mom Goes To Washington” was shared by the delicious Maureen Dowd in today’s New York Times, seeing the Candidate Sarah story as “a vacuously spunky and generically sassy chick flick”:

    The legacy of Geraldine Ferraro was supposed to be that no one would ever go on a blind date with history again. But that crazy maverick and gambler McCain does it, and conservatives and evangelicals rally around him in admiration of his refreshingly cynical choice of Sarah, an evangelical Protestant and anti-abortion crusader who became a hero when she decided to have her baby, who has Down syndrome, and when she urged schools to debate creationism as well as that stuffy old evolution thing.

    Palinistas, as they are called, love Sarah’s spunky, relentlessly quirky “Northern Exposure” story from being a Miss Alaska runner-up, and winning Miss Congeniality, to being mayor and hockey mom in Wasilla, a rural Alaskan town of 6,715, to being governor for two years to being the first woman ever to run on a national Republican ticket. (Why do men only pick women as running mates when they need a Hail Mary pass? It’s a little insulting.)

    It is devoutly to be wished that Mrs Palin can spell “potato”.

    Meanwhile, doubtless to the utter disgust of the likes of FutureTaoiseach @ 08:45 PM, there’s an extended essay by one Peter Baker (who he?) in the NY Times‘s weekend magazine. Quite early in this piece we come across this:

    One former Bush aide who spends his days publicly bashing Barack Obama sat down for lunch with me recently and before the appetizers even arrived lamented that the Democrat will probably crush McCain. He ruefully called Obama one of the three most talented political figures of his lifetime, along with John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

    Should anyone wholly miss the significances there, all three smashed that cliché-ed glass-ceiling: JFK’s Catholicism, Reagan’s divorce, and Obama for … sorry, didn’t notice that one.

  • latcheeco

    Future T
    All the above have been tried ad nauseum and haven’t stopped him yet. For anyone who votes against Obama on those lines rather than ideological/policy differences Wright and Ares will just be excuses for what they don’t want to admit. Some very safe Republican seats have fallen in by-elections this year. It’s a difficult one to call.

  • latcheeco

    Wild cards are always dangerous and presentation is important(Kennedy won on looks in black and white after all)but its not so much Biden she has to worry about. Its the questions she’s fielded by reporters/commentators who won’t cut her slack and the danger of “deer in the headlight moments” for a neophyte who believes the world was created 7000 years ago and wants to be the leader of the Western world in the 21st Century are more than possible. She hasn’t had long to prepare and has admitted in previous interview to have little clue about foreign policy. Biden has been around. Having nothing but bringing Mom values to the White House will not cut it.

  • Pete Baker


    “Who he?”, indeed.

    No relation, I should add.

    As for the creationism meme propagated by many here. I’ve not seen much evidence of the details involved beyond this.

    The post linked quotes this interview from Oct 2006.

    In an interview Thursday, Palin said she meant only to say that discussion of alternative views should be allowed to arise in Alaska classrooms:

    “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.”

    She added that, if elected [Alaskan Governor], she would not push the state Board of Education to add such creation-based alternatives to the state’s required curriculum.

    Members of the state school board, which sets minimum requirements, are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

    “I won’t have religion as a litmus test, or anybody’s personal opinion on evolution or creationism,” Palin said.

    Which is hardly a policy statement by a VP candidate as others would have it portrayed.

    And, regardless of her beliefs, such issues are subject to legal rulings – which currently hold that teaching creationism [as Science] in US public schools is against the First Amendment.

  • Pete Baker

    I’d also add, I’ve not seen any evidence that she’s actually a young-Earther.

    Unlike others we know of..

  • Not a flat-earther? … but is she a grandmother?

  • Pete Baker

    Sorry Malcolm, but I don’t get the reference.

    The point was that whilst some are pointing at Republican spin-machines, they’re ignoring t’other side.

    And, yes, I’m looking at Maureen Dowd with that comment.

    “Palinistas as they are called”, indeed.

  • There is a peculiarly salacious rumour running round the US sites: try googling any combination of “Bristol” “Palin” and “pregnancy”.

    The Republicans may be playing a peculiarly nasty double-bluff here; but they are not quashing the story by admitting that the due diligence on Palin was rushed, even cursory.

  • Pete Baker

    Ah, the “peculiarly salacious rumour”?

    Check the ‘Update 3’ on this blog-post.

    When I took a look at the photos and the scrubbed web site, it seemed like enough smoke to pose the question, but I felt that it was phrased in a way that made it clear that this was not yet substantiated, but might be worth a look.

    Conveniently “salicious”, indeed.

    AS I said, “The point was that whilst some are pointing at Republican spin-machines, they’re ignoring t’other side.”

  • latcheeco

    My hands are up to being one of the less cerebral or just plain lazy of the sluggerite legion. Is there any way you could make it easier on my ilk by actually saying rather than alluding to what you mean? Have pity with the mental gymnastics:) Are you suggesting Mr. Black rather than Mrs.Mom goes to Washington is just as bad? In fairness I don’t think they are exact comparisons.

  • Dewi

    It’s a dirty game Pete – you gotta play it to win these days I’m afraid. the biggest lesson of the last two debacles…

  • latcheeco

    “she meant only to say”
    Sounds like backtracking, like the bridge to nowhere so was for teaching Creationism before she was against it.

  • latcheeco

    “so” would of course be “she’ avant le vin

  • Tazia Doll

    Obama for emperor! What would we do if a PSNI officer was electrocuting little kids? Gov. Palin should have shot her Chief of Police.

    Can you imagine how diff it is for a regular citizen to bring rogue cops to heel if the Gov of Alaska can’t do it?

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Ah Stones

    You like her because Jews don’t?

    Any other groups / people you don’t like on racial grounds?
    Posted by cynic on Aug 31, 2008 @ 09:49 AM’

    Actually cynic it seems you didn’t read either my post or the link.
    BTW Judaism is not a race, and you seem to think anti-zionist equals anti-semite, typical bullshit.

  • Greenflag

    tazia doll,

    ‘Can you imagine how diff it is for a regular citizen to bring rogue cops to heel if the Gov of Alaska can’t do it? ‘

    Eh ? If you knew the history of Northern Ireland’s police prior to the PSNI – i.e the RUC and B Specials you might be surprised to find that many of Northern Ireland’s citizens would have no problem with imagining the difficulties . In too many cases they did’nt even have to ‘imagine’. This is one of the reasons why the RUC and B Specials no longer exist

    ‘What would we do if a PSNI officer was electrocuting little kids? ‘

    I don’t recall the RUC or even the B Specials ever eletrocuting kids but there were incidents whereby members of the B Specials did ‘shoot up’ houses and killed children .

    Many though not all of the rogue cops in the RUC and in the B Specials were suspended and some faced trial and were imprisoned . Others (including good cops in the RUC ) were shot by the IRA as part of their anti British Crown Forces war.

    ‘Gov. Palin should have shot her Chief of Police’

    So you are another Texan then ? Shoot first and ask questions later . You could be a good candidate for the dissident IRA or their loyalist opposites, if Northern Ireland goes back to the ‘texan’ approach to solving the problems of injustice 🙁

    Try and open your mind assuming you have one !

  • latcheeco

    Sorry Greenflag,
    But you could count on one hand the Specials and RUC men that were ever made amenable for anything. Now thats not to say one or two may not have been suspended for a day or so with pay pending investigation for their shooting Taig women and kids in the head with plastic bullets.

  • OC

    “Northern Ireland goes back to the ‘texan’ approach to solving the problems of injustice…”

    And just where do you think Texans learned this from? Look in the mirror.

  • Greenflag


    ‘pending investigation for their shooting Taig women and kids in the head with plastic bullets’

    Well look on the bright side they were’nt real bullets . Governor Palin and the Texas shoot em ups use real ammo or so I read.


    ‘And just where do you think Texans learned this from?’

    Eh ? I did’nt think Texans learned anything from anybody or at least so it would appear from Dubya’s reign 🙁

    ‘Look in the mirror. ‘

    There’s nothing new to be seen in a mirror .

  • that doesn’t include a backlash from the Rev.Wright affair, which will be more widely known about closer to polling-day.

    Dude, I was in America when that story broke and everybody knows about it – saturation, wall to wall, coverage. The heard about it in Dover, Delaware. They even heard about it in Wasilla, Alaska.

  • latcheeco

    Tazia “Obama for Emporer”
    Could be awkward Tazia, doesn’t Gerry already wear the purple robe?

  • latcheeco

    You’re right and it’s very old news now. Any damage has been done and unless they’re holding back something special the reps. fired too early and wasted the shot.

  • Any damage has been done and unless they’re holding back something special the reps. fired too early and wasted the shot.

    I’m not so sure they did; they were trying to knock Obama out because they’d have preferred to face Hillary. It also did deflate Obama’s momentum considerably; he never got a really sweeping primary win after the Wright revelations and he’s never recovered the leads in head to head matchups with McCain he held in late February or early March.

  • OC

    GF: “There’s nothing new to be seen in a mirror .”

    Very true, but it does help to identify what’s dripping down one’s own face, e.g. egg.

    Nothing like criticising someone else’s land to help get your mind off’n your own.

  • OC

    “Meanwhile, Obama enjoys 60% of the much less volatile spread markets.”

    And I’d be very careful when betting in any spread market.

    I’m acquainted with a very serious gambler, who has now moved his operations to RoI.

    In Vegas, he manipulated the betting odds to turn a very handsome fortune.

  • Greenflag

    OC ,

    ‘Very true, but it does help to identify what’s dripping down one’s own face, e.g. egg.’

    I’m sorry to hear that you have egg dripping down your face . Remember old Chinese saying of one Confucius .

    ‘O eggs do not fight with stones ‘

    Anyway we’re off topic so back to the Palin soap opera and the super duper trooper who’s been tazing the Republican VP’s sister etc etc etc .