Update on Robinson upping the ante

It’s wonderful how a little detail can scale down a story as a day develops…UTV and The BBC’s Mark Devenport report that changes to the “massive” strategy development document Conor Murphy failed to bring back to the Executive for clearance amounted to around “150 changes, many involve references to “Northern Ireland” being changed to “the north”.” Are you being serious, First Minister? The air is going out of this story’s balloon. Sinn Fein ministers may well have a case to answer on possible breaches of the ministerial code by stalling on the prescribed fortnightly Executive meetings and much else, like the failure of Martin McGuinness to clear 30 papers for discussion by the Executive. ( see my comments in the earlier thread). But this is a paltry example on which to base such a challenge. I should’ve held my fire. We nervously wait with bated breath to hear what Mr Robinson had to say to the invited press at 5 pm in advance (strangely) of his meeting with the IMC. I’d rather know what there’s to say after the meeting. After all, we want the news fresh at tea time. What’s happened to your news management skills, Peter?