“If he (Obama) wins, the operative word is detachment..”

Gonzo gave his immediate reaction to Barack Obama’s speech late last night but it’s also worth reading Micky Kaus’ suitably sceptical take at Slate

“A little flat, and not just because of it’s now-required State-of-the Union laundry-list passages”

Meanwhile Máirtín points to an Irish Echo report from a couple of days ago on the reaction by some to Obama’s suggestion that a US envoy to Northern Ireland was no longer required – as previously noted by Brian.

“I’m Shocked, I really am,” veteran Democratic activist Brian O’Dwyer said. “The stupidity of it, that somehow the idea that it is all over (in Northern Ireland) and there is no need for an envoy; this of all things. Irish American is most proud of the fact that it obtained an envoy, O’Dwyer, a prominent supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries, told the Echo. [] “It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone who knows anything about Ireland would say this. This is a signal that the U.S. government will detach. If he (Obama) wins, the operative word is detachment,” O’Dwyer said.

The US involvement here has been mapped out in detail previously and I added some thoughts on the wider view here. And in answer to Máirtín’s question about John McCain’s position on a US envoy to Northern Ireland

John McCain is committed to maintaining the special U.S. envoy for Northern Ireland and that commitment has been enshrined in the 2008 Republican Platform.

Of course, previously, McCain has intervened here personally.. And in related news “Senator John McCain has selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, according to [US] Republican [Party] sources.” Reports here and here. And an Insta-note