Obama chosen by acclaimation…

You have to hand it to the Americans (and particularly the Clintons). Their sense of political drama is sometimes faultless. Tonight Hillary Clinton followed up her cracking performance last night by proposing an acclamation of Barrack Obama as the Democratic candidate for the President of the US. It was enough even to get to the old Republican (Democrat-loathing) hacks at Fox News. It was a big play from Hillary, marrying her long term committment to health care and blue collar workers. Will it mean catharsis for the riven Democrats? Fox News thinks it so. Obama certainly needs a little Hillary in his tank, to get to the tough places that, so far, only Clinton has managed to penetrate.

Update: Mickey Kaus arch sceptic Dem tinks last night was good for his party. Wrth reading in tandem with this piece on Hillary’s speech the night before from Richard Adams: Hillary disarms her troops

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