“As he is not a politician going to the US on ‘peace processing’ business..”

Anthony McIntyre had planned a book tour of the US to promote Good Friday, The Death of Irish Republicanism. In the Sunday Life his publishers relate the reasons given for the refusal of a visa.

The publishers said it was unlikely Mcintyre would be given a visa as long as George Bush was in the White House. A spokesman said: “The refusal is based upon his felony conviction. As he is not a politician going to the US on ‘peace processing’ business, he does not get a waiver to entry despite his conviction, as other convicted IRA members have.

“He could apply again, but the likelihood of his being able to enter the States is slim to none, given both his record and the political climate. “We expect the status quo to remain in place.”

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Ex-Prisoner Denied Entry into US Shocka!”

    This is an outrage. How dare they threat him the same as thousands of other applicants with convictions? Don’t they know who he is? Why, he used to write his own blog and everything.

    If only he’d told them that he’s a self-styled “republican academic”.

  • ulsterfan

    Another obstacle for him to jump.
    Surely Gerry or Martin could say a good word for him. The State Dept. would listen to them, after all they are politicians of international standing.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    My goodness but won’t HMG go some long distance to keep its tame Republicans from any sort of criticism. You’d almost wonder what Gezza n’ murderin’ Mart are so frit about that they have to whine to their employers to stop this kinda thing from happening?

  • susan

    In June, Martha Stewart, famous in America for her ability to do anything better than you, whether it be cooking, sewing or tending the chickens, was denied entry to Britain because she served five months on a dodgy financial deal.

    Perhaps Martha and Anthony could tour together.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    How would that assist the British government’s effortless stringing along of the dupes who vote for Sinn Fein, pitifully expecting them to deliver something in return even vaguely analogous to ‘Irish Republicanism’? I’m not saying I *don’t* like the smell of an apple pie freshly cooked in a tastefully coordinated kitchen, but all the same, is it really necessary to gull SF voters? I think that the government’s got it just about right on this one thus far: after all, it’s hardly as if we want to waste any more taxpayers’ lolly. No, Sinn Fein have been cheaply bought – let’s start paying Martha Stewart-style mark-ups to do that.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    “[L]et’s not start paying Martha Stewart-style mark-ups to do that”! Almost had to hand back my Taxpayers’ Alliance membership card there.

  • BfB

    It’s about holding people responsible for their actions. That’ll end if obamamania takes over.
    Liberal socialists don’t get the concept.

  • susan

    Rooster, my point was that I doubt very much there was much thought orag or strings pulled to keep McIntyre out of America. As Billy Joe R, said, he is being “treated like thousands of other applicants with convictions” — from either side of the pond. Thus, the ban on Martha.

    If I had time, I’d check out the PEN website and see what’s being done about authors with convictions travelling. Can Ronan Bennett get a US visa? If so, McIntyre’s publishers should talk to his publishers.

  • Garibaldy

    Did Bennett not have his conviction overturned?

  • susan

    You are right, Garibaldy. I recalled that after I’d posted, but I’d still wonder if Bennett’s publishers had any relevant experience, post 9/11 travel being what it is.

    Sebastian Horsley was denied a visa to the US for his book tour this spring, and I’m not sure if he ever spent time in prison.