“There was no claim of responsibility..”

Hallidays Road, New Lodge Road and North Queen Street in north Belfast were cordoned off early this morning following the discovery of three viable incendiary devices after a reported telephone warning. The streets have since been re-opened. From the RTÉ report

All three streets in nationalist areas were cordoned off shortly after 3.30am, and British army bomb disposal experts worked for several hours to make safe what they described as viable devices.

And in the iol report

Acting Detective Inspector Alan Little condemned those responsible and said they were out of step with the rest of society. “Fortunately, none of these devices detonated. We could have been dealing with carnage and destruction this morning. “Anyone who can help us prevent this type of activity should come forward to the police.”

He added: “Those responsible for planting these devices show a callous disregard for human life. They pay no attention to the wishes of those within their own communities who want to live their lives without this type of threat, disruption and inconvenience. “Those responsible seem intent on following their own selfish agenda and the only way for communities to be free from such activity is to help officers bring these criminals before the courts.”

And while that iol report stated,

“There was no claim of responsibility, but dissident republicans were suspected of being responsible. The devices were being examined.”

According to the UTV report

The objects were home made incendiary type devices and not pipe bombs. It is not believed dissident Republicans were involved.

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    Very sinister and suspicious, what’s going on here? The PSNI are not usually as quiet and mute on these things. Haven’t heard too many politicians on today commenting on this. From what we have been told these things would have killed if they had gone off. More info required from the cops and a bit more questioning & investigative journalism from our lazy media.

  • Dewi

    “It is not believed dissident Republicans were involved.”

    Who, therefore? Loyalists?

  • skullion

    relax Dewi i’m sure wee jeff’s own private security forces contacts will let him know and then he’ll enlighten the rest of us.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Ah this is just ‘acting the bollocks’ as the old saying goes. Who would be the culprits, Republican dissident halfwits or Unionist dissident halfwits?

    Do parents know what their childer are up to nowadays in NI?

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    I meant to add, are they still making the monsters up there in the north?

  • John McIlveen


    Local politicians have been onto this too:


  • gareth mccord

    it was the provo’s trying to get rid of local well known hoods! fact

  • earnan

    It was the Welsh Republican Army


    Think you may be right there Gareth. The square mile of the New Lodge is probably the most hood ridden, crime & drug infested, anti social hellhole in the city…..and I should know, I am originally from there. Most of the decent people are leaving in droves as it has become a dumping ground for scumbags from the rest of the city.