TUV to miss two electoral contests

The BBC’s Martina Purdy is blog-sitting for Mark Devenport and has been speaking to a “well-placed source” inside the TUV. [Turgon? – Ed] That source told her that the TUV have decided not to field a candidate in the Enniskillen by-election next month – which would confirm what Fair Deal noted from a previous Irish News report. The DUP have already selected Arlene Foster for that contest. And presumably the same source was responsible for the suggestion that they might have considered standing if a by-election was called in Kilkeel to fill the seat left by the sudden death of SDLP councillor Michael Cole. As it happened they won’t have the opportunity.

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Oh dear, political cowardice so early in a party’s development. From the amount of crap on here you’d have thought TUV were going to sweep every election from here to the Whitehouse. They’re the local equivalent of UKIP.

    Still, this embarrassing climbdown may give people a sense of perspective

  • slug


    “They’re the local equivalent of UKIP.”

    The DUP will be hoping not, since UKIP tend to do remarkably well in Euro elections.

  • outsidegawkingin

    It was the only option really, DUP would have played the ‘vote splitting’ machine with such weight that it would not have been wise.
    If only the protestant people could learn how to vote in a PR election then this arguement would be worthless.
    The proportion of votes unionist candidates loose in PR elections is significantly higher than nationalist due to unintentionaly spoilt ballots.

  • interested

    So all the TUV blah blah against the DUP about being scared to face the electorate etc etc comes to nothing when the TUV reckon that the unionist electorate might look unkindly on them.

    After all, in the TUV psyche surely there isn’t any difference between a seat going to the DUP or to Sinn Fein – after all, in their view they’re now joined at the hip etc etc and all part of the same great evil beast sitting at Stormont.

    So why the electoral shyness TUV supporters? Surely the people of Enniskillen need an “anti-St Andrews” candidate in the field dont they?

    Truth is the TUV vastly exceeded everyone’s expectations (including their own) in Dromore and thanks to a very particular and peculiar set of circumstances which pertaned to that time, got a remarkable result. Chairman Jim obviously isn’t going to throw his one and only trump card away by letting the electorate spoil the TUV party.

    All that and with a natural, ‘high-profile’ TUV candidate living in the Constituency. Odd indeed – and no amount of tenuous Shakespear or other literary analogy will be able to dispel the fact that they’ve ran away from a contest which they told us for months they could take at a canter….

  • RepublicanStones

    Not that i have any love for the Taigs Unwelcome Vanguard, but a wise man picks his fights, esp those he thinks he can win. Offering yourself up to get beaten isn’t smart. So this may be a wise move on the part of the TUV.

  • Dewi

    Not to interfere – but in PR council elections in multi member seats co-option is the the only fair option.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “a wise man picks his fights, esp those he thinks he can win”

    Possibly but parties don’t have that luxury. You make policies and try to convince the public that the policies are better than your opponents. This seat is theoretically at least a four way fight, is it not? This is a shame-faced cop-out based on predictably sectarian lines. It’s only a rural council seat, FFS

    Oh and TUV? Here are some I prepared earlier! hehe
    Trannies – Ulster’s Vanguard;
    Take Unclaimed Votes,
    Tarnished Ulster’s Vanguard,
    Totally Undaunted Villains,
    Tits Up Vote;
    Totally Underwhelming Voice
    Typical Ulster Vacillating

    They need a bit of work, I know

  • ben

    I found they have a … leaflet, I guess you’d call it. It’s more like a big pile of words vomited onto red, white, and blue bunting. Maybe its top thinkers will discover the Internet one day; rambling word-salads are what the Internet does best.

    There is just no sense of time passing and things changing with people like TUV. A paleolithic party for paleolithic people. Yesterday’s men.


    TUV? LOL HA HA HA! Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic party! It’s hilarious though at the same time sad & pathetic that some of these posters sincerely believe that powersharing is ALL a bad dream and one of these days they will wake up and the Taigs will still be minding the cows as the Orange brethren reinforce their supremacy on the Glorious Twelfth. It’s like the Battle of the Bulge when the Germans threw a last desperate attack at the Allies (Yes that WWII when the Orange Order suspended their parades lest it showed the number of Loyal Ulstermen who DIDN’T serve for Queen & country) As a matter of interest and genuine question? What did Big Ian do during the war? Did he serve with Her Majestys Forces?

  • An Lochlannach

    In fairness, you can’t say that the TUV will miss two electoral contests when there isn’t actually going to be an election in Kilkeel.

  • Foster is a political hypocrite after jumping from the UUP to DUP only to prop up the Sinn Fein DUP unholy alliance.

    For all the cockiness of the DUP supporters on this thread, if Robinson agrees to the devolution of policing and justice, the unionist electorate will remember their treachery, and we will need strong men like Mr Allister.

    Get a load of this:


  • ggn

    “The BBC’s Martina Purdy is blog-sitting for Mark Devenport”

    I find Martina quite attractive.

    Anyone else of this opinion?

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Possibly a mistake by the TUV if they knew about the apparent Police and Justice movement by the DUP as it would have given them a useful political stick to beat Arlene with.

    If the didnt know when they made their decision not to stand then looks like excellent footwork from Robbo. Perhaps Turgon can clarify.

  • Parson

    In respone to the comments of LURIG (above) while having no love for the DUP or Paisley, he was only 13 when the war broke out in 1939 and thus was 19 when it ended. Also, because conscription was never applied to NI, he could ever have gone as a volunteer; if he were old enough… As far as I know, he served on a family farm (reserved occupation) before going to the Reformed Presbyterian Theological College in Belfast in 1944.

    Oh yes, and it was King and Country in those days.Sorry to sound pedantic, but you know, factual accuracy and so on…

  • Blackmouth


    Bad news – both the DUP and the TUV are in favour of devolution of P&J;powers, but not until such times as public confidence exists to allow it to happen.

  • Glencoppagagh

    I think ‘reserved occupation’ is a bit of cop-out. Paisley was 18 in April 1944 and could have joined up if he felt any inclination to do so. I know of others who did.
    With his war record (or lack of it), it’s amazing he had the brass neck to pursue the political path he took.
    Incidentally, when he retired the News Letter carried a family photo from around 1939 which showed an older brother in uniform. Does anyone know anything about him and whether he served?

  • I can’t believe they aren’t fighting this election….

    do they think there aren’t any TUV votes in that area??? why not stand and see? do they fear a bad result?

    Dromore could be regarded as a bad result – 3rd place isn’t exactly a win…

    so why is 3rd place in fermanagh suddenly not ok?


    but then it is only a “source” so it could be a load of wubbish.

    why can’t the big ‘J’ himself say yea or nay?


    I know Jim Molyneaux was in the RAF during WWII and the Catholic Unionist James Gorman was an Army Officer but beyond that I can’t recall too many Unionist politicians who were prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in Lizzie’s forces for the Union. Same old story, same old blustering Unionist armchair generals. They want to be British…….so long as others spill their blood. Pathetic!!

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Re. the Big Fellah’s war record – certainly in relation to the late 20th century Non Iron skirmishes he was an excellent recruiting sergeant not just for his own side but as Grizzly pointed out, on his final day in the Assembly, on the Republican side as well.

  • Turgon


    I confess to a certain sympathy for that position although farmers were not especially encouraged to join up as the government was very worried about adequate food supplies.

    I do, however, remember one very militarily minded minister I knew who became a minister in 1943 and joined a local church which I always thought a bit odd.

    One of my grandparents was in a reserved occupation (working in an oil refinery) and was essentially not allowed to join. The other one was in the RAF albeit only ground crew and would never talk about what had happened to him (though he was mentioned in dispatches).

    My wife’s father (despite being a farmer) joined and was captured at the fall of Singapore.

    I suppose Britain in the Second World War was never in great danger of running out of men; it was raw materials and resources which were the major problems. As such it is maybe a little unfair to castigate especially famers, shipyard workers and the like for not joining up. In the case of H&W;for example I suspect the government felt that the men were a lot more use making ships than being in the army, navy or airforce.

  • Peter Brown

    The Paisley brother in uniform is presumably Harold…


  • William

    With reference to the Fermanagh Council bye-election, I am wondering what happened to the original proposed co-option candidate, one 19 year old University student, I believe to be called Hogg?

    Why isn’t he good enough to go before the electorate in the forthcoming bye-election? One wonders, why the DUPes have to parachute in an MLA, who not so long ago resigned from the Council due to pressuse of work and is supposed to be a full-time Government Minister, not to mention a Mother to a number of children.

    Will she serve her Council constituents, if elected, in the same manner as her party colleagues in Londonderry, namely poor Speaker, Willie Hay [who trousered £13k Council salary for the heavy workload of attending 3 council meetings during the past year] and Greedy Gregory who for years has missed most meetings and those he attended, left after answering the roll call.

    If the electorate of Fermanagh have an ounce of sense, then they’ll vote for the UUP candidate, who will at least have the time to represent them, unlike Arlene Foster.



    I would never take anything away from the ‘reserved occupations’ who were a necessity during WWII but I can’t stand the cowardly hypocrites who shout from the rooftops about the Union & Britishness…….and would run a mile in a real war. I might have some issues with the RIR but you have to give credit to some of these lads walking into the inferno’s of Iraq & Afghanistan. I would’t have any problem with them having a parade for their guts but like most other things military it would be hijacked by the armchair Unionist & Loyalist bigots. My father tells me a story that at the start of the Troubles there was an organisation called the Catholic Ex-Servicemans Association. They had all served in the British Forces, some in WWI but most in WWII and the post war period. They tried to bring about Civil Rights in a peaceful way but when the Stormont & Westminster governments introduced a security crackdown on the entire Catholic community the Ex-Servicemen returned their medals to Whitehall; my father said there were dozens of boxes of bravery and campaign medals sent back. When I see the Orange Order, Loyalist Paramilitaries & parties like the DUP hijack Remembrance Services I get bloody angry. There was an entire generation of Northern Catholics who served but are totally forgotten. Those eejits with the foot wide poppies on their lapels making a political statement nauseate me. I know people who makes their own contributions privately to the British Legion every year but won’t put them in a box here. They hate the hypocrisy and the way it has been taken over.

  • Bigger Picture

    ” would never take anything away from the ‘reserved occupations’ who were a necessity during WWII but I can’t stand the cowardly hypocrites who shout from the rooftops about the Union & Britishness…….and would run a mile in a real war”

    We really are running out of things to hit the big man with now are we not? He was young and was involved in the reserve occupations while his brother served in the RAF. What more do you want, I am sure Ian thought well I am going to be First Minister some day better get the automatic out. (Marty prob did though)

    The only politician left in NI to make such an accusation at is the Doc and quite frankly it’s a bit weak. It’s like accussing Tony Blair of lacking couage because he didn’t fight in the first Gulf War, the two do not correlate.

    Many politicians in NI served in the Police and Armed Forces but that does not make those who did not cowardly or hypocrites, Jeffrey Donaldson was in the UDR for goodness sake!

    “When I see the Orange Order, Loyalist Paramilitaries & parties like the DUP hijack Remembrance Services I get bloody angry. There was an entire generation of Northern Catholics who served but are totally forgotten”

    In days gone by I would have said yes but I think you will find times are changing. The SDLP attend all the remembrance services at Belfast City cenotaph now and rightly so. The Poppy Appeal is raising record sums from the ROI and Irish Army now have officially started to mark Armistice day for those who fought in the war as British Soldiers in the 16th Irish Division.

    In terms of the Fermanagh by-election I read an obituary of the late Mr Joe Dodds that stated he served in Royal Irish Rangers and saw active service during the Korean War (1950) and also with the British Army in Kenya and Germany. I doubt the next cllr for Enniskillen will be able to better that, all the more despicable that a by election was called in the first place

  • dungannon

    Alas no bye-election in Dungannon.

    The SF Councillor is only resiging from the party in disgust and not the Council….

  • Glencoppagagh

    Thanks for that Peter.
    It’s ironic that the true ‘loyalist’ in the family should have eschewed politics and devoted himself entirely to evangelism. Maybe his younger brother’s antics drove him to Canada?

    Are you suggesting that every farm labourer and farmer’s son in England was exempt from conscription or banned from volunteering. What were the land girls for?

    I have much sympathy with your view on this matter. It’s a pity that Catholic ex-servicemen didn’t organise their own parades if only to shame their stay-at-home unionist neighbours.