Totality online

Mir view of 1999 eclipseI don’t know if WorldbyStorm managed to catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse over the archipelago this morning but if, like me, you didn’t, you can watch NASA’s online broadcast of the total version from China. There are other viewing options too. The image is the Aug. 11, 1999 solar eclipse as viewed from the Mir space station. Adds short clip of totality here

  • percy

    I have to say pete, your fervour for science is pretty religious.

  • A secular religion I would have thought. Or just a natural curiosity about the universe.

    Anyhow, Pete, yes I did. About 10.20 or so. Using my trusty pieces of card it looked pretty impressive. Not great viewing weather in Dublin for some of it, quite cloudy and overcast. Cheers for the NASA link. Very impressive… What a strange image from Mir. It looks… quite sinister actually.

  • Pete Baker

    Cheers WbS.

    I hadn’t thought about the Mir image like that. I suppose it could be imagined as looking sinister.. until you understand it’s just the moon’s shadow. ;o)

    Still, that understanding would be the result of centuries of science..

  • Nature is damn amazing… so is photography I guess! Very cool.

  • Pete, on a very slight tangent, have you read Stephen Baxter’s work? In particular I’m thinking of his novels rooted in NASA? Just, I always tend to think of some unpleasant (and unlikely) but scientifically plausible events when I see those sort of images… or indeed the climax of 2010: Odyssey 2!

  • Pete Baker


    No, I’ve not read Baxter’s work. Most of my more recent reading has been looking in the other direction – mainly at Those [Royal Society] Guys.

    Heh. It does bear a similarity to the start of the imagined covering over of Jupiter with Sentinels.

  • Gum

    Pete, we’re not an archipelago. An archipelago has a specified water to land ratio that we do not meet. Indonesia is an archipelago. Ireland and the British Isles are not.