“Republican separatism is on the rise..”

While Sinn Féin MLA, Daithí McKay, and Moyle SF Councillor Pádraig McShane, were being assaulted in the Dunclug estate in Ballymena by self-declared “young republicans”, the Derry Journal carries some very pointed claims from a spokeman for the 32 County Sovereignty movement about what’s happening in Londonderry. From the Journal report

“These verbal and physical attacks are the work of a small but dangerous group of Provisional movement hangers-on who seem intent on creating a civil war mentality between the Provisionals and members of the republican movement. We ask the Provisionals to keep their members in check before the situation gets out of control and we would ask whose agenda this is and whose it serves?” He added: “Republican separatism is on the rise in Derry and across the nation and we would urge our members not to react to what appears to be the last kicks of a wounded animal. “The republican project will not be dragged into the gutter by these people and we will stand firm behind the republican position.”

  • percy

    The truth is the opposite, we’re witnessing the last kicks of the wounded animal that is the Anti-GFA republicans.
    They have no where to go.

    Nice try though 32CSM, but no cigar as Davros would have said 😉

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Having wached the Dunclug estate events on the BBC I have to say they would have to be categorised under ‘very minor’. It obviously was not very pleasant for the SF councillor, but how some agitated teenager throwing some peculiar shapes outside his house got on the main news bulletin I dont know. I can only presume no cats got stuck up trees or men fell from bicycles.

    The only story that was worthy of the name is that SF must have travelled so far away from their past that locals with a grudge feel safe enough to have a go at them.

  • dub


    i get the impression that you love blogging about events in Derry just so that you can get a big kick out of using the term “Londonderry”. What will you do when the kick wears off?

  • Yukio

    “The republican project will not be dragged into the gutter…”

    HA HA HA HA!

  • Realist

    The only story that was worthy of the name is that SF must have travelled so far away from their past that locals with a grudge feel safe enough to have a go at them.

    Posted by It was Sammy McNally what done it on Aug 01, 2008 @ 05:25 PM

    Most of the ‘locals’ in question are not even from the estate, and I’m sure you could tell from the footage that some of them would be partial to a pill or two.
    I think it is important that this story is top of the news as these hoods have got away with this for far too long. Because its a high profile case now, hopefully the PPS will do the right thing rather than let these touts and drugdealers off the hook – as has been the case in Ballymena before.

    So-called dissidents will not get any support here whilst their local leadership deals drugs in the north end of Ballymena and use internment bonfires to get high and attack houses in this estate. They’re out and out thugs and seem nothing more than a mirror version of the UDA.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    The IRA came out in force giving protection to Paul Butler in Stoneyford, obviously they didn’t think Daithi needed any in Dunglug!

  • joeCanuck


    to be categorised under ‘very minor’

    You obviously haven’t been at the end of an assault like that. I was, when I was 17. It indeed was not very pleasant (3 guys) but it left me in rage for quite sometime as well as pretty sore.

  • paul kielty

    Surely this thug was caught red-handed on television attacking an elected representitive.

    Why has he not been arrested and charged?

    Sling him in jail ASAP!

    Hopefully his new uniform in jail/young offenders centre, will be better fitting around the backside, or is that the fashion these days?

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Republican separatism is on the rise in Derry and across the nation”
    “intent on creating a civil war mentality”
    “32 County Sovereignty movement in Derry”
    “The republican project”

    One can only admire their sense of perspective. Idiots.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    These young Republicans are only learning from their masters. It wasn’t too long ago when IRA/Sinn Fein were intimidating Gerry Fit, John Hume and Austin Curry, by attacking their property.

  • Alan

    According to the Newsletter to day the family who were attacked the previous night be these thugs are protestant. I really don’t know much about the area apart from what I seen on tele, so are there many prods living in this republican estate?
    And do they feel safe there after this sectarian attack?

  • slug

    Alan it was really a mixed estate and remains so though the number of protestants has gone down.

  • Pete Baker


    Read beyond the opening links.

    This post is not about yesterday in the Dunclug estate.

  • Garibaldy

    Stories like this, and the incident in Dunclug, do demonstrate the growing confidence of the dissident ex-provisionals. Clearly though they are recruiting from the same strate that formed the INLA and the IPLO. Let’s just hope not with the same disastrous results in terms of sectarian murders and criminality.

  • aquifer

    Replace ‘Provisional’ in the piece with ‘republican’ and ‘republican’ with ‘Gaelic cultural’ and it all makes some sort of sense, in an intra-ethnic outbidding kind of way.

    I tried to swap ‘Orange’ in but it did not work as well.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    If the IRA were defeated and forced to give up their campaign of violence after 911, what hope in hells chance has any dissident Republican group? These dissident groups are being allowed to foster and develop by the Shinners and the Police. The dissidents are the tool used to transform IRA/Sinn Fein into a democratic and law-abiding political party. Without the dissidents IRA/Sinn Fein would fail politically, just as they did in the Republic.

  • Mr E Mann

    >a big kick out of using the term “Londonderry”.
    Yes, but if I’m not mistaken, he lives in the capital of England, Derrylondon

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    I had worse than that from my mother and that wouldn’t even register as a beating with the Marist priests.

    As the boy Daithi has lived under the heel of British imperialism all his life I’m sure he’ll survive.

  • joeCanuck

    So that’s all right then.
    You disappoint me Sammy, not that that matters either.


    It would be easy to dismiss these young people in Dunclug as mindless yobbos, that would neatly put them in a box so that the media and mainstream republicanism could conveniently forget about them. However there is something going on here that many are happy to ignore. There is a large Nationalist/Republican constituency outside West Belfast, Derry City and South Armagh which Sinn Fein has taken for granted and which feels alienated from the Peace Process. Over the last decade young Catholics in places like North Belfast, North Armagh, East/South Derry, North/South Antrim have grown up with events like Drumcree, Holy Cross, the burning of Catholic chapels, interface violence, murders of young Nationalists, Loyalist attacks on homes etc. In short there is a more bitter, sectarian and angry mindset in some of these Catholic youngsters in these places AND they could be more susceptible, easier influenced recruits for other more sinister groups. Many people predicted that Holy Cross & Drumcree especially would leave a lasting bitter legacy and in places like Dunclug, Dunloy, Rasharkin, Lurgan, Ardoyne etc they have. The Provos have NO control in these areas any more and their authority was challenged in a very public and humiliating way when Daithi McKay was attacked. Whether you agree with the bonfire issue or not an old Republican guard sending others in to lay down martial law only further antagonised these people who are now just laughing at Connolly House. It does not bode well for the future especially when these youths also see the two main political parties shouting contempt at each other as the Executive threatens to unravel in the near future.

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    harsh words – but just like with the beatings from me Ma and the priests probably deserved.

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    “these youths also see the two main political parties shouting contempt at each other”

    Judging by the cut of their jib I dont think parliamentary misbehaviour will be a significant factor.

  • cynic


    Your entire thesis can we restated on the Unionist side as well and with bells on. The end of the war has left a crust of disaffected young men (and women ) on both sides who lack a senses of identity and purpose and look for it in gang culture with a flag wrapped around it.

    But I have to say – ‘so what?’ Their grieveances are little different in character or practice to those of similar groups in Manchester London Limerick or Dublin. Irish politics and access to firearms can make them more dangerous but look at the daily stabbings and murders in England.

    Those like that shower in Ballymena do not pose a serious threat to the state. There be be others elsewhere who cause greater problems but that really depends what the host community want to do about it. Without support – material and political – they cannot survive or thrive.

    At the moment the vast majority of people are looking at them, and saying ‘Eidgits’

  • Rabelais

    I’d like to echo the sentiments of Lurig and cynic. The self proclaimed dissidents have no real politics, just a sense of poorly articulated greviance, the example of gang-culture and a flag to wrap it in. As you say cynic, Eidgits. But take their disaffecion, combine it with the belligerent rhetoric of our political class and the hard economic times ahead and you have a particularly noxious cocktail. This space is worth watching. Little hoods grow up into something much worse.

  • back to war

    enjoy the last few months of peace. the ‘process’ has failed.
    ireland unfree shall never be at peace

  • It is definitely worth having a read at another very well written piece in the same Derry Journal by Raymond McCartney.http://www.derryjournal.com/politics/McCartney-says-it39s-harder-being.4347257.jp

  • Free speech

    How often have you heard or used one of the following: ‘armchair general’, ‘fireside critic’, ‘hurler in the ditch’?
    From politics to life, from work to sport – the dreamer, the theorist, the verbaliser are common place and easy to spot.

    The visionary, the revolutionist, the do-er ploughs the hard and often lonely furrow and

    being out front is more open to scrutiny and comment. All the faults, all the gaps in life are placed at their door by the dreamer, the theorist, the verbaliser.

    When, in turn, it is asked: how can it be different, how can the gaps be filled, how can it be strengthened, what needs to be done? Nothing comes forward, but after all that’s not their role in life, that’s for others.

    Last month Emmett Shiels was gunned down on our streets. That night we, as a community, stood in unity and solidarity. We all by our presence were declaring that the time for armed actions was gone, the time for political discourse is now. As, of yet, no organisation has come forward to admit responsibility or to offer rationale for his death. The family of Emmett Shiels deserve better and his killers know that.

    Silence brings with it many things. I put forward this observation: If the organisation responsible had a revolutionary vision, the integrity of that alone and that of its members would have impelled it to break its silence.

    And, yes, before it is said, the dreamer, the theorist, the verbaliser, is dismissing all this through the prism made redundant in a time long since passed. So from the ‘tall stool’, the ‘phone-in’ to the ‘letters’ page’ I’ll be placed somewhere between hypocrite and macro-hypocrite. But bear this in mind, this is now and today’s standards apply. The people in our community are no longer satisfied with, nor will they accept, rhetoric.

    Thus the petition initiative taken forward by some within our community brings with it a sense of vision and leadership. It promotes active participation. It asks of us all to be part of a collective effort to do something, not to be passive or indifferent. In the recent while, ask yourself how many times have you heard or even said: “If it is a drug dealer, a hood or whatever, you’ll not hear me complaining?”

    No matter how well intentioned these words might be, they walk us all, with our eyes open, into a cul-de-sac. Into a cul-de-sac which will provide cover for those who done Emmett Shiels to death. It allows them to convince themselves that all they have to do is keep their heads down, maintain their silence and all the community criticism, anger, frustration which should demand us to do something will wither away. It prepares the ground for some time in the future for another Emmett Shiels. We cannot delude ourselves that by holding yet another vigil we can absolve ourselves from the need to do something.

    The questions posed by the community petition are straightforward, they echo the words of Conal McFeeley at the vigil when he said that we were at the fork in the road

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    very well put.

    Back to War,

    Ireland unfree etc – that is probably true but given the advances by Nationalsits – running the south and part running the north the number likely to reach for the gun this/next time round will be very small indeed.



    It allows them to convince themselves that all they have to do is keep their heads down, maintain their silence and all the community criticism, anger, frustration which should demand us to do something will wither away. It prepares the ground for some time in the future for another Emmett Shiels. We cannot delude ourselves that by holding yet another vigil we can absolve ourselves from the need to do something.

    Change Emmetts name to Robert McCartney or Frank Carr the Newry postal worker, or Paul Quinn.
    Tell us did you attend any vigils for them or are you only concerned about Sinn-Fein voters? and turn a blind eye to killing by the Sinn Fein finance machine.

  • Harry Flashman

    From the other thread;

    So some councillors who live in an area courageously try to maintain community relations by standing up to bar room “Republicans” fired up on cheap booze and sectarianism. The councillors face physical assault, intimidation and attacks on their homes and families.

    Therefore I feel obliged to ask Sinn Fein supporters, is it not time to say in all humility to the SDLP one simple word;


    If not, why not?

  • cynic

    “enjoy the last few months of peace. the ‘process’ has failed.”

    Sorry ‘back to war’ but, and really there is no other word for it ………….bollocks.

    Do you really think that the people will tolerate this? Get real. The war is over and gone. People want to – and will – move on. Those who want violence are a tiny tiny minority who cannot even agree among themselves. How many splinters are there? CIRA, RIRA, IRA?

    What support have they in terms of politics or community? Zilch. To borrow a phrase, ‘its time to go boys’. Nobody wants you.

    Even the Loyalists {bless} have realised this and are keeping their heads down and getting back to normal pursuits like raising their familes and organised crime.

    Anybody know the Irish for ‘your day has gone’? Maybe that will get through to them.

  • back to war

    youll eat those words soon cynic
    the blowie mix is being prepared as we type. booooooooooooom!!!!

  • cynic

    Yeah yeah yeah ………….

    You have been smoking too much of that mix I am afraid. Have a wee watch of this

  • cynic

    and this

  • mochara81

    Local communities need to take control over mindless drink and drug fuelled youths. These “Young Republicans” from the Dunclug estate organise illegal rave parties, have drink binges during the day and attack residents at night.

    They are only using an Interment bonfire as a front for another night of disruption through drink and drugs.

    M15 at its work I guess?

  • cynic

    “M15 at its work I guess?”

    Absolutely!!! Cant you just see them sitting in a bunker sorting out this weeks priority list:-

    Nacrco terrorism in South America


    Iranian Nuclear Proliferation



    Islamic Terrorism


    Now what shall we choose to do? I know, let’s start a row at a bonfire in Dunclug. That will show them!!



    I know that, in the above wider context, the notion of Dunclug ringing bells in London does sounds ridiculous but I think you seriously underestimate the ways, means & dirty deeds of MI5 in Ireland. Do you think the £200 million monstrosity they recently built in North Down was a visitors centre and why did they suddenly reveal that 60% of the Spooks budget is still allocated to ‘Irish terrorism’? I think you seriously underestimate the ways and means of MI5. They continually need to justify their obscene annual budget and the very word IRELAND still sends the Victorian, jingoistic, Little Englanders into a frenzy in Whitehall & Westminster. Does the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, Judith Ward ring any bells? Britain’s (Un)Intelligence Agencies are obsessed with Ireland. There was a historical need amongst them to defeat then control Irish Republicanism and given the fact that they had totally compromised the IRA by 1994 & completely drove the Sinn Fein Peace strategy they were very successful.

  • “they had totally compromised the IRA by 1994”

    Lurig, are you arguing that they sacrificed many of their key intelligence personnel – Kintyre Chinook crash – as part of the so-called peace process?

  • Chinookie ar la


    If Lurig won’t say it I will

    ********* YES YES YES YES ********

  • Cal, let’s let Lurig speak for himself.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    youll eat those words soon cynic
    the blowie mix is being prepared as we type. booooooooooooom!!!!

    Posted by back to war on Aug 02, 2008 @ 03:51 PM

    You’re really just a sad and lonely young man, aren’t you? Are you just jealous that us “black b*st*rds” are better-looking and have better social skills than you, or what is it?

  • pfhl

    These “Young Republicans” from the Dunclug estate organise illegal rave parties

    I have to defend the DJ who organised the rave as he has nothing to do with the trouble in dunclug. It doesn’t matter if smiley was at it or not. That’s like blaming a club or bar for who drinks in it. Though I do realsie it was an illegal rave, it’s not going to hinder community relations in ballymena.

  • Cushendall

    Republican separatism??? As a SF supporter I have no problems with being seperated from drug-dealers and hoods which these people are. Smylie refused to condemn an attack on an innocent community workers house. Why was he attacked? Because of a bonfire, and of course this bonfire is key to freeing Ireland, its not about getting high at all!