“if there is no serious discussion with us about it..”

The Alliance Party’s Naomi Long has responded to the speculation, from Sinn Féin and the DUP, about her party taking on the role of a devolved policing and justice minister. From the BBC report

Ms Long said the issue had been raised only casually when her party leadership met DUP leader Peter Robinson recently. “There was no serious discussion about it,” she said. “We said the same thing then that we’re saying today that if there is no serious discussion with us about it then there is no serious answer to be sought from us about it.

“I think that this is merely a way of the executive deflecting attention away from the fact that the responsibilities they currently have, they’re not capable of fulfilling,” Ms Long added.


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  • Conquistador

    Naomi can huff and puff some hot air

  • Traditional_Unionist


    you arent wrong there.

    have you ever noticed how long she can go without taking a breath aswell?!!

    my God the woman can ramble on for quite sometime without taking one!

    imagine being married to her!!

  • Pete Baker


    Play the ball!

  • Conquistador

    Almost 5 hours on and this has attracted 3 comments (4 if you include this one), and one of those is telling me off!

    It goes to prove just what a non story this is, Alliance aren’t saying yes, they aren’t saying no, they’re somewhere in between.

  • Pete Baker


    Number of comments on any post is not a reliable metric.

  • Comrade Stalin

    There have been several other threads where the matter was done to death, one a couple of weeks ago. The news is that there is no news, other than Sinn Fein backing down on their refusal to countenance an Alliance justice minister, a change which has turned out to be somewhat irrelevant.