262 out of 262 for Sylvia

Newton Emerson notes on Sylvia Hermon that:

Of the 262 Commons votes she has attended in this parliament, Lady Sylvia Hermon has voted with New Labour precisely 262 times.

UPDATE: THIS STAT IS INCORRECT. It appears the 0 rebellions shown on the public whip website was misinterpreted to mean voting with the government when it means this.

  • slug

    One option for Sylvia is that she actually join Labour and stand as a Labour candidate, now that New Labour are organising here (from what I hear). The NEC might make a change to rules regarding elections – given that they are going to need every seat they can get. And she’d be in with a good chance that North Down would still elect her — it seems to like her and anyway tends to vote out-of-line with broader trends.

  • Conquistador

    It’s an interesting statistic but it lacks context.

    How many times out of this 262 did she vote against the Conservatives?

    What are the other unionist MPs’ records for voting with Labour? (we know they did it at least once!)

  • Half Pint

    At least Hermon turns up for votes. List all the DUP MPs who have voted that often.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Not particularly astute, conservative, unionist, reactionary woman aligns herself with centre-right party SHOCKA!”

  • JD

    Now that New Labour are organising here (from what I hear). The NEC might make a change to rules regarding elections.
    If the UUP/Tory deal goes through the Labour NEC will have to change their rules. There is now a Northern Ireland Labour Constituency Party and if a number of UUP cllrs joined the Labour organisation in the event of a UUP/Tory merger (Michael McGimpsey, Fred Cobain) Labour’s NEC would have to change their rules.

    I can’t see Sylvia holding her seat as a Labour Candidate – as a Liberal Tory candidate she would hold. She has a lot of hard thinking to do.

  • fair_deal

    Half pint

    “At least Hermon turns up for votes. List all the DUP MPs who have voted that often”

    Does she? Please see the list you request below.

    The last I checked on Public Whip (which was a couple of weeks ago) the following DUP MP’s have a better vote attendance record during the present seesion of parliament:
    Gregory Campbell
    Nigel Dodds
    Jeffrey Donaldson
    William McCrea
    Peter Robinson
    Iris Robinson
    David Simpson
    Sammy Wilson

    IIRC She isn’t far behind Jeffrey Donaldson and Iris Robinson but well behind the rest.

  • Half Pint

    Apologies. It would appear that all NI MPs have a woeful attendance / voting record.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    I don’t know why their attendance is so bad. It’s not as if they all have multiple (Very lucrative) jobs….


  • how many have Sinn Fein MP’s voted on?

  • cynic

    …..and in this Parliament, what would the point of voting be, perchance?

    You might as well judge their effectiveness by what colour of underwear they wear. At least that would prompt a more interesting debate.

  • Conquistador

    “how many have Sinn Fein MP’s voted on? ”

    A rhetorical question I know, for we all know the answer is sweet FA.

    But I think they had enough votes to stop the government bring in tution fees a few years ago, but they preferred to stand up for the people by pretending Westminster doesn’t exist.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I don’t think your voting record would be 100% either if your husband was seriously unwell and your father had just died.

  • regardless of who she votes with – surely the fact that SF feel they are justified in fighting an election, getting seats and not sitting is more of an issue than Sylvia voting with Labour/against Conserv’s??

    i know the significance to SF of not recognising it blah blah blah – but it is no less an issue

  • Conquistador

    a wile melee seems to has his or her priorities right

  • truth and justice

    Hermon has failed to speak in any debate in Westminster in the last year what a terrible record she is also under hugh pressure from the DUP MlA Alex Easton who is miles ahead of her with constituency work.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    If the merger, such as it is, gets off the ground, who says she’ll even be the Tory/UU candidate next time round? I’m willing to lay good odds on her not being.

  • Conquistador

    Given the relatively few numbers of people who actually contact an elected representative, I’m not sure just how relevant that will be t&j;.

    Anyhow, is Peter Weir not going to be the candidate?

  • A concerned Ulster Unionist


    I agree were you thinking as I was = John Leslie perhaps quite articulate and MP material problem is he is a Conservative – what about Ulster Unionist voters do we not matter anymore

  • WindsorRocker

    It would be interesting to see if NI MP’s turned up to votes that affected NI or did they spend their time voting on English matters as well….

    How many NI relevant votes would then have missed?

  • Conquistador

    A Concerned UU, thanks for agreement but I don’t quite follow.

    Are you talking about Jim Leslie, former North Antrim Assembleyman?

    If so what point are you making and how is it linked to what I said?

  • truth and justice


    Weir could be the candidate but he did come a poor second in the Assembly elections to Easton however it is Easton that is talked about on the ground I think that speaks volumes but at the end of the day how cares if you stick a cat up for the DUP I would vote for it.

  • slug

    Wier is the better Parliamentarian.

  • truth and justice


    But is lazy and not a winner

  • Conquistador

    To be honest neither are particularly impressive. Who’s ever heard of Alex Easton? Meanwhile Weir, if he doesn’t get his way might storm out of the party in a huff, a habit of his I believe.

  • Shore Road Resident

    But would Peter Weir have the support of Iris Robinson?

  • S. C. Wrote

    I don’t know why anyone would be suppressed by this; everyone knows that Empey has no control over Hermon – that’s what happens when your party has only 1 MP who is elected against the grain of the electoral landscape. Sylvia knows perfectly well that she can do whatever she wants and Reg will do nothing. I’m certain that she will continue voting for the government on whatever issues she pleases, even after this proposed “merger”. We should be under no illusion – Sylvia is an independent MP, not a UUP MP.

  • Conquistador

    Well he might well have the support of Iris, but he’s not had much luck with the support of the electorate and he’s not exactly a great votewinner, despite being an incredibly clever barrister.

    Oh and t&j;I don’t find myself constrained to one particular party, it’s so much more fun being cynical!

  • Llamedos

    It would appear that due to unforeseen tragic family circumstances that being her party’s sole representative at Westminster is too much to ask of Lady Herman MP. Surely she should be elevated to the red benches where she could sit on either the Conservative and Unionist benches or the crossbenches or even the Labour benches. For a lawyer to vote for the 42 days was the final 262’nd faux pas for my taste.

  • truth and justice

    What about Hermon becoming a DUP MP then that would sort the whole issue out!

  • Conquistador

    Being cynical is far more fun than being unrealistic t&j;

  • greatkingrat

    This story is complete rubbish. While Sylvia does vote with Labour sometime she votes with the Conservatives more often. See

    To claim that she has voted with Labour in every single division is just absurd.

  • Conquistador

    I did earlier say that the statistics were next to meaningless without context.

    However they were just meaningless, in as much as being wrong.

    I note her voting record most closely corresponds with Dr Spink of UKIP!