What they’re saying on the blogs…

Belfast Stoops says, good move for Dave, bad for Reg; Conall crys wolf in sheep’s clothing. Iain Dale reckons Trimble in the new Tory cabinet is almost inevitable. Chekov reckons the news is both exciting and problematic. El Blogador reckons it has implications for Nationalism/Republicanism and the Assembly too. Ulster’s Doomed believe the UUP is suffering from “an irrational belief in the cathartic effect of a name-change” Mark Devenport notes that the UUP has beaten the SDLP to the punch when it comes to “realignment”

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  • truth and justice

    With David Trimble in a Conservative Cabinet the Union can only go down the pan!

  • Danny O’Connor

    The problem for the UUP is a mirror image of the problem for the SDLP.
    Both parties are a fairly broad coalition of opinion.
    The problem is that no matter who you join with,it will be difficult to keep everyone on board.
    All the major parties at Westminster are pro-union.
    All the major parties in Dublin are pro – unity and anti SF.

  • Danny, I examine that point in my article and conclude that the overarching benefits of alignment with the Conservatives is enough to persuade sceptics within the party that their doubts must be put aside.