Foster confirmed as DUP candidate in council by-election

Gonzo had wondered whether it was “really an attractive prospect for either Foster or the electorate?” But, as reported in the NewsLetter, the DUP have confirmed that Northern Ireland Enterprise Minister, the DUP’s Arlene Foster, MLA, has been selected as their candidate in the September 17 by-election for an Enniskillen seat on Fermanagh District Council rather than their previously selected candidate Thomas Hogg.

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Good to see Ivan back in the mainstream. Oh…

  • George

    Why have an MLA who wants to be an MP run in a council by-election?

    It smacks of lack of talent in the party, fear of losing and lack of respect for the work councils do, never mind the other work that Foster is supposed to be doing up in Stormont.

  • Basil Brush

    Interesting choice first she resigns her council seat now she wants the seat back only to have to resign the seat in 2009.

  • Michael Shilliday

    So the DUP think Bertie Kerr was right then. I look forward to their apologies to him.

  • darth rumsfeld

    just pathetic

  • Totengrabberin


    Could you confirm that kenny Donaldson has declared his intention to seek the UUP nomination?

  • Dessertspoon

    Double and triple jobbing strikes again!!! When are they going to put an end to this nonsense. You should not be allowed to hold more than one elected position, aside from the possibility of a conflict of interests how on earth can you do any of your jobs properly. DISGRACE!!

  • Parson

    Couldn’t agree more with George’s comments. Are the DUP in Fermanagh really so short on talent that they have to dig out their MLA (and Minister) a former councillor who craves the Westminster seat? How will Arlene have time to devote her energies to all these jobs?

    To this day, I have no idea what they were playing at, proposing a candidate based in Belfast with almost no experience of the real world. That said, he would have been better than an extra SF councillor, which is entirely possible after September 17th…

    However, perhaps it is time the Unionist electorate told the DUP that they are fed up of their representatives double and triple jobbing. I have no idea who the UUP will run, but I’m certain it won’t be an MLA.

  • Maximus


    Highly unlikely UUP candidate will be an MLA? As their only MLA for the area is a sitting councillor already (double jobbing shame)in Erne North, you’re political nous amazes me.

    So the question is, who will the victim be? Will it be Dour-ish (apt), Donaldson (who?), Ferguson (oh come on) or an unknown entity (in comparison)

    Whoever it may be will get thumped by Foster.

  • Traditional_Unionist

    The DUP clearly are showing nothing but contempt for the people of Fermanagh with this selection.

    Reason being this woman already has an MLA seat AND an executive position! which position is she going to resign so that she can give her 100% to the people she will represent in the council?

    And isnt it interesting that they now dont find Mr Hogg suitable for the position? well done Mr Kerr it seems you were right

  • Totengraberin

    Who will the TUV run?

    I hear Sammy Morrison and Blaine Bailey both have an interest in running.

  • Nemesis

    This thread is amazing…..where are the DUPers?

    Has Bertie Kerr opened a can of worms the DUP can’t handle? It would seem so.

    Bertie Kerr was right. Hogg was not the right person to co-opt. It’s an act of total desperation to run Foster.

    This is only starting to get interesting……the lights will be shone on her record as Minister…….mmmmmmm…..the failure to sort out PPS14, the destruction of Fermanagh District Council under the RPA plan, the Giants Causeway balls-up…..mmmmmmm……very impressive eh?

    on wider issues…..the DUP continue to allow the 11+ to fall into disarray… costs are spiralling upwards and house prices are crashing…….meanwhile their Strangford MP is off the reservation……what a Party!!!

    has anything changed for the better in the past year of DUP/IRA devolution????

    well done Bertie Kerr……

  • maximus


    is the giants causeway in fermanagh?

    coherent arguments please or go play somewhere else

  • willowfield

    This is incredible. All this talk about “dual mandates” and the DUP selects an MLA and minister and would-be MP to fight a seat for a tinpot council?


  • Nemisis, here is a little bit more from Arlene’s DOE Ministerial CV:

    Blot on the landscape 2

    The owner of the cottage is none other than DUP member and developer, Seymour Sweeney. I wonder if her officials checked out the alleged vandalism story or Sweeney’s ability to block part of the Causeway Coastal Path; I suspect not.

  • Nemesis


    if what i’m saying lacks coherence it must really hurt..

    ….plus why have you called yourself after Gladiator? ….. that’s a bit homo-erotic innit?? out, that sort of thing’s not popular in your party….LMAO!!!

  • truth and justice

    I see the TUV have accepted sharing power with Sinn Fein in their policy document it would also appear two of their small band of Councillors have resignd as a result, seems to me the boys have been bluffing the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grassy Noel

    “I see the TUV have accepted sharing power with Sinn Fein in their policy document it would also appear two of their small band of Councillors have resignd as a result, seems to me the boys have been bluffing the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    This. Is. Hilarious!


    How many does that lead? And are they going to form the CTUV?

  • Blackmouth


    Presumably neither of the UUP ministers are councillors?

  • truth and justice

    Well put Grassy Noel

  • truth and justice

    Empetyhead and mcgipsey are councillors!

  • nisew

    I see the TUV have accepted sharing power with Sinn Fein in their policy document it would also appear two of their small band of Councillors have resignd as a result, seems to me the boys have been bluffing the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by truth and justice on Jul 22, 2008 @ 01:47 PM

    The TUV know that they can’t exclude Sinn Fein from being elected, but they can exclude them from being in power. You obviously can’t comprehend written English.

  • willowfield


    “Presumably neither of the UUP ministers are councillors?”

    I think they both are.

  • truth and justice


    It seems you may have the problem with english the TUV policy document states sharing power with Sinn fein in a Super Council instead of the NI Assembly how does that exclude Sinn Fein

  • Peat Blog

    “Sweeney’s ability to block part of the Causeway Coastal Path”


    My understanding is that enforcement of rights of way rest with the local councils, assuming that the coastal path is a right of way (and I stand to be corrected).

  • nisew

    From what I understand the TUV would form a coalition with the SDLP in the Super Council rendering Sinn Fein with a bit part role. I will agree with you that the TUV stance is somewhat contradictory. Where did you here that McKee and Lucas resigned from the TUV?

  • Regal Pass Watcher

    I take it we can expect Tom Elliott to stand down from council in order to demonstrate his disgust at dual mandates?

    Otherwise, how can he criticise Arlene?

  • truth and justice


    From a TUV insider it has been kept under raps but not for long

  • Blackmouth

    TUV would form a coalition with the SDLP? Right and what about the remaining 85% of the Northern Ireland electorate? This is frankly a nonsense of an idea. Besides which, why would you think the SDLP would actually want to act as Jim Allister’s Uncle Tom’s?

  • Blackmouth

    T&J;I doubt very much if Mel Lucas has left. My information is Robin Sterling and one of the Cubitt brothers.

  • nisew


    Of course it depends on what percentage of the vote the SDLP and the TUV would get. It’s all If and but and unlikely at this stage. I am a member of the TUV and have no problem with Unionists sharing power with Nationalists as long as they’re not murdering scumbags AKA Sinn Fein/IRA.

    You have a really bad impression of TUV members. I hope you are more disgusted at Sinn Fein terrorists – if not then I can only surmise that you are a bigot.

  • Merchant Navy

    Going on information from a number of TUV sources, Fermanagh TUV Chairman Samuel Morrison is more than annoyed at not being allowed to run in this by-election. Mr. Morrison’s employment and living status were deemed to have rendered his candidature as “inappropriate”.

    Criticism of DUP co-option candidate Thomas Hogg for being enrolled on a degree course at Queen’s University Belfast seems to have also reflected on Mr. Morrison. Opponents and the sole council objector Cllr. Bertie Kerr said that Mr. Hogg would only be in Fermanagh for part of the working week and could therefore not commit fully to the role. Following these objections the spotlight then shifted onto Mr. Morrison, widely touted a possible TUV candidate.

    Mr. Morrison is said to have advised fellow party members to avoid focusing on the DUP co-option candidate’s university involvement. However, this advice would appear to have gone unnoticed with Mr. Morrison reported to have been “irate”.

    Mr. Morrison is employed on a full-time basis as a receptionist in the office of Jim Allister MEP on Belfast’s Holywood Road. He lives in Belfast 6 days per week.

    Needless to say Mr. Hogg is no longer the DUP’s candidate, having stood aside for party colleague Arlene Foster. Mr. Morrison’s position is yet to be confirmed. The UUP are said to be selected a candidate with “vast experience”.

  • truth and justice


    I must confess i have not heard about Sterling or Culberts brother maybe there are more problems than we are hearing about?

  • 13 county Ireland

    Foster is DUP member, enough said

  • “Mr. Morrison is employed on a full-time basis as a receptionist”

    No. Really 🙂


    Thomas Hogg is as far as I know about to start final year of his politics degree which consists of a max of 2 days of class a week and therefore would have committed 3 of the 5 working days and also saturdays to doing the councillor job. To me and correct me if I’m wrong seems alot more than current Councillors are committing as it is only a part time job and therefore 4 full days seems a luxury. Also Thomas has worked for leading DUP members in their offices dealing with constiuency issues for the past 4 years. That to me counts as real life experience. But in the interests of unionism he stood aside so the seat wud be retained. It’s in no way an ideal situation to have a minister as a councillor but thank bertie for that!

  • willowfield

    So wasn’t going to do any work for his degree on 3 out of 5 days of the week?

    He deserves to fail, in that case.


    Realistically Willowfield it would not take 4 full days to do work for a degree so in a worst case situation he would hav been giving 2 to 3 full days which i still think is more than average

  • … it would not take 4 full days to do work for a degree

    Then they have definitely been dumbed down since my day!


    Maybe our maybe I’m just exceptionally smart lol

  • Delta Omega

    Nice to see T&J;being taken apart on Turgon’s thread for spreading more DUP lies. Dundela Avenue must be getting really worried about the TUV to have to resort to such tactics.

    Truth & Justice – more like Lies & Prejudice

  • … maybe I’m just exceptionally smart

    I think not, judging by your spelling and grammar.



    Umm maybe you have a point 🙂

  • “Then they have definitely been dumbed down since my day!”

    I thought for a moment, Horseman, that you might be referring to the calibre of our councillors 😉

  • … the calibre of our councillors

    Wasn’t that always pretty low? Actually, thinking about it, FSTEN might be just the right calibre for the kind of vital work that (we now know) is worth diverting a Minister’s time towards.


    “Actually, thinking about it, FSTEN might be just the right calibre for the kind of vital work”

    I might start taking it personally now.

    I think the problem in Northern Ireland is that in most places people who would make fantastic councillors never get the opportunity because MLA and MP’s are taking up the position. I welcome the day we get rid of people having three positions.