“should take cognisance of and reflect the traditions and beliefs..”

In yesterday’s NewsLetter DUP MLA Iris Robinson clarified her view of god and government.

The United Kingdom is a country that has been shaped by our long and proud tradition of Christianity. It may no longer be fashionable to say such things and some people for their own petty reasons may attack me for saying so, but I believe that legislation passed in this country should take cognisance of and reflect the traditions and beliefs which made us the society which we are today.

That position may be closer to meeting the “challenge of navigating between theocracy on the one hand and a privatized faith in a secular society on the other”, as advocated by think tank Theos, but it’s not quite what she had stated.

“The government has a responsibility to uphold God’s laws morally.”

Adds Will Crawley notes that Cardinal Sean Brady is in general agreement with Iris Robinson’s unclarified view of god and government..