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GreetingsYou may have already spotted this 12th July set of photographs from Moochin amongst the Flickr photographs on the top right… There are some great portraits in there, as well as some nice little touches of humour and a bit of documentary.


  • bob

    I must say I find most of the conversation in the comments beneath these photos rather unsettling. the sense of mock condescension and tribalism is palpable and entirely one sided. Some nice shots can be enjoyed, even if some others seem to confer a sense of a photographer trying to capture images that amuse those a certain (disgraceful) disposition, rather than capture the mood the event itself and spectators themselves.

  • Moochin Photoman


    why would images that the msm will not print or show be unsettling……too close to the bone perhaps?

    I attempted to show the 12th in an even handed manner. The only part of the annual 12th demonstration i didn’t cover was the field.

    As for the comments i found it interesting that there were comments from those from the “other side” saying that they went to bonfires and did not feel any of the anguish and fear that they had felt in previous years. Evidence that things are changing. Is that perhaps what unsettles you?
    Your comments are far more tribal and condascending than any of the comments on my photographs.
    I suggest that you wake up and smell the coffee coz things are changing and i hope for the sake of my 5 year old son that by taking photographs such as these and opening up debate, that it will continue to change.

    That Mick chose to blog my set of photographs here i’m grateful, but if you want something alittle more santisied have a look in the newsletter or the belly telly. There are of course a rake more shots in the Belfast and Northern Ireland groups on flickr.
    Unfortunately they might be from people of a certain “disgraceful disposition” which btw i’d love to hear what you mean when you use that phrase.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well I’ve been enjoying MP’s photos on Flickr for a while, and I have to say bob that’s IMHO he’s got a great eye for detail and capturing the spirit of events.

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Well done on a very balanced portrait of the 12th in Belfast. I haven’t a notion what Bob is on about regarding your photos or the comments below them on Flickr. I’m particularly impressed by the protrait of Anne Widdecombe and the shot of the two fellas guarding the bonnie under the gazebo.
    The latter reminds me of my days around the bonnies in Beechmount on the Falls. It’s uncanny how the, supposedly different, cultures of the two main communities in NI actually mirror each other.

  • Moochin Photoman

    Thanks Gonzo….i’m available for barmitzvahs etc!!!
    Thanks Damien
    I was very pleasantly surprised to meet Ms Widdecombe, i also met Martin Parrwho was casting his eye around the 12th, I’m very interested to see what he took on the day.
    He has been producing supplements of British Cities for the Guardian, i think the Belfast one is being released on 27th Sept.

  • bob

    your gleeful speculation that the most unkind images could provoke upset says it all in regard to your disposition mooch.

    I would be concerned for the mental health of those who repeatedly attend an event they despair of.

    my comments show not the slightest hint of tribalism, your assumption of such reveals a defensiveness that is not motivated by accusation.

    The insinuation that a normalised 12th is threatening to loyalists is something I have only read at the pens of the most controversial Nationalist writers, again your presumption that this is my motivation for mild distaste at certain comments indicates you relate to your subject in this instance in a manner conditioned by a general and fictitiously informed prejudice.

    and my mammy agrees with me.

  • Moochin Photoman

    Bob bob bob…….

    bob along back to your mammies teat

    i really can’t be arsed with a troll today

  • bob

    Most unkind to talk of my mother that way mooch,

    Again, the (troll’s) insinuation that progress towards normality is threatening to a member of the group which suffered the worst of the violence is indicative of a most unkind prejudice, which I did not detect in your photos, and did not reference in my comment. You just blurted it out. If you want a better world for your kid, perhaps it is your own example that should be of concern.

    remember to teach your boy the difference between a debate and a lecture as well fella.

    your upset at criticism and attempt to express your offence with distain and denigration is very sweet though. Don’t worry about knuckle draggers like me, the ability to point a lens at a scene not only qualifies you as an artist, it also means your a sophisticated social commentator.

    I hope we can still be friends.

  • Moochin Photoman

    Yes i do express myself better with photographs so i suggest you go and have a good look through them and come back with a reasoned argument as to why they are unsettling, which have the mock condensation and oh and while your about it look for the entirely one sided photos.
    It should be noted that i can only be in one place at one time tho i was using two cameras at the same time but hey as you correctly said i’m an artist just trying show a tired steroetype in a new light (if that is possible)

    I do like the fact that you call yourself a knuckle dragger it shows a degree of self awareness i suppose

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Boys, boys… that’s enough now… try and find the ball and play kickabout…