Picturing poverty…

THIRTY years after he first photographed residents of the Falls Road in west Belfast, Chris Steele-Perkins returns to hear how things have changed. There are some ‘then and now’ pics in this slideshow.

  • Napoleons nose.

    Good pictures, and good stories of ordinary people. It’s more than just poverty though, it’s an analysis of what peace has brought to ordinary folk if anything. In many ways working class families have had one set of bad circumstances replaced by another. Both embedded in poverty, and looking back on it was the troubles and the poverty better than the drugs/drink culture and poverty. It’s hard to choose. At least back then there was a sense of comaradie and community, is that gone now with all the redevelopment and ‘improvements’ that have taken place?

    Odd he squatted in the flats, they were always more INLA/official IRA dominated rather than provo dominated……what with the poverty angle
    I wonder has that in someway coloured his writing of this story?

    An awful lot of people feel that peace hasn’t brought much considering…..

  • picador

    I think he did the same thing in various British cities – i.e. spent time with the lower orders.