“..can we sing something by the Carpenters?”

As Sarah Carey says, “Peter Bradshaw’s review is a hoot.” So maybe it’s not just me.. There is something about a well written review of a bad movie. Particularly when that movie, complete with a very high-profile cast, has already been receiving free and uncritical publicity. From said review

This is Planet Abba or Abbaworld. The characters are forever dancing and smiling and bursting into Abba songs like Stepford cyborgs when you flip the secret panel behind their heads and press the Life-Affirming Behaviour button. An Abba instrumental is even used when the bride walks up the aisle, instead of Handel. And nobody ever says: “Oh for Gawd’s sake, just for a change, can we sing something by the Carpenters?”

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  • esmereldavillalobos

    While I like Bradshaw, I must say I haven’t missed Mark Kermode on Radio Five Live on Friday afternoons (live or podcast) for a number of years. Waiting to hear his take on it on the way to work in the car tomorrow morning – a Kermodian rant in full flow is one of the wonders of the wireless. Wittertainment at it most wittertaining!

    Example, on M. Night Shylaman’s “Lady in the water”(I think) – “The cinematic equivalent of pouring petrol on your head and setting it on fire” Classic.

  • Pete Baker


    Kermode is magnificent.

  • The Raven

    Kermode is indeed a God among reviewers, but, ummm, with all due respect to the review above, what did he expect?

    It’s Mamma bloody Mia!!!

  • Garibaldy

    Kermode great. Miss the stuff he used to do on channel four (it was channel four right?). Less impressed with Paul Kaye’s introductions on Film 4. Oh and Pete, have you seen the “bad movie” Mamma Mia? I recall you shouting at me for commenting on something I hadn’t watched. I’m sure you wouldn’t do the same. 🙂

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    I heard Kermode myself, his carefree gaiety and impulsive love of films is infectious. I believe that this film came “closer than two universes to touching his soul.” I believe he made it film of the week, and his review was immediately available as a podcast such was the fervor(yep he went away with the fairies). Don’t know about going to watch it with him wearing hetero clothes………….whatever they are.