Stoneyford hate campaigners use BBC to deliver their message

Deja vu time in Stoneyford. The Lisburn Council sponsored beacon intimidation gathering in Stoneyford village this year may be only days away, but clearly the local loyalists have decided to start early with the festivities. Having kicked off the season with another attack on the home of an elderly catholic couple in the village two weeks ago- leading to the couple fleeing the village- the doubtlessly jubilant loyalists decided to follow up with a sick prank call to the Gerry Anderson programme last Friday, leading to the sit-in host, John Toal, unwittingly reading out a text message mocking attacks on a family forced to flee some weeks earlier. The BBC have apologised for any offence caused and Sinn Fein has called for the PSNI to step up their campaign against the loyalists involved. Meanwhile, the Parades Commission are due to make known their determination later this week on the application by the Jubilee Committee for a band parade through the village on the 11th July. Sinn Fein has called for severe restrictions to be placed on the parade. The story features prominently in this week’s Andersonstown News (not online yet.)