Ouch (again)!

Just received this from Republican Sinn Fein as retort to Martin McGuinness’s statement on the Politics Show yesterday. Predictable perhaps, but worth noting nonetheless:From Republican Sinn Fein:

Martin McGuinness’ claims that those opposed to English rule in Ireland wish to force the Provos’ former military wing back onto a military footing are laughable, said a spokesperson for Republican Sinn Féin.

“Republicans have no desire to see the Provisionals resume hostilities, as these would undoubtedly be conducted against those who have remained faithful to the Republican ideal. The Provos retained their military capacity through the adoption of the RUC as their armed wing. There is absolutely no useful purpose for the continued existence of the so-called ‘Provisional Army Council’, said RSF Director of Publicity, Richard Walsh.

“We already know that statements purporting to emanate from that body in fact originated from 10, Downing Street. They exist merely as a counter-revolutionary force.”