Okay, that’s possibly an over reaction. But the Irish Times will be free online from Monday. Which means I don’t have to continue my online subscription so Slugger readers can get access to some of the best journalism on the island. And just in case madame editor is listening, no I won’t be cancelling my order for the paper version at my local shop! Here it is from the horse’s mouth:

THE IRISH TIMES will publish under its own title online from Monday morning with the launch of a new site for the newspaper, www.irishtimes.com . Access to the site will be free.

  • Dewi

    Interesting economic behaviour there Mick. Why won’t you be cancelling your paper version?

  • RepublicanStones

    Was the irish news experiment a while back a mistake or did they intend it to be free online for that short period? The Indo is free as well, although the moderator of the comments is a little lazy. Yeah Mick, why won’t you be cancelling your paper version? carbon footprint and all that !

  • Harry Flashman

    Long overdue and just in the nick of time for me, I was going to upgrade my subscription to enable me to access the paper’s archives (yes I know I have too much money and time on my hands), now I can have the option of accessing the archives for the remainder of my subscription instead of a refund.

  • susan

    double Yippeee.

  • David Hamilton

    Awesome. I wrote to them about this about 3 months ago and they said it was not sustainable. Linked them to Guardian articles about free NY Times and others too. I’d like to take some credit for this. ha

  • joeCanuck

    Great. I used to subscribe but straitened finances put an end to that.

  • A Norf Lunnun agnostic writes:

    There is a God!

    Can anyone explain why the hard-copy was never available in any north London outlet on a Monday?

    And on the same week that the archive of the London Times came on line, too.

    All we need now is a reliable line to Slugger O’Toole.

  • joeCanuck

    Here’s a story I heard a few years ago. True? I dunno.
    Englishman industrialist vising Ireland goes to a shop in west Cork and asks for a copy of the Times. Would that be the Irish Times or the London Times, the shopkeeper asks. Well, he wanted the London Times but to be on the safe side he says “Irish Times”. Ok says the shopkeeper, would that be yesterdays Times or todays Times. Todays Times says yer man. Ok says the shopkeeper, in that case you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

  • Curious

    Will the archives also be free to access?

  • joeCanuck @ 08:36 PM:

    Did you ever try to but a newspaper in Schull, far-west County Cork, towards the end of the Eisenhower Presidency?

    Ha! Thought not.

    I’ll assure you all of this: asking for the Irish Times was unnecessary. Mrs Crotty knew you were a Prod and offered it without any request.

    Then, aged mid-teens or so, you might be stopped in the (only) street by the full panoply of the Parish Priest:

    “You weren’t in church last Sunday, my son!”

    “But … err , Father, I’m not of your Faith.”

    “My son: I expect you to be where you should be next Sunday.”

  • joeCanuck

    We weren’t stopped in the street, Malcolm. On a Sunday evening the PP would visit the queue for the cinema and drag members of his flock out using his walking stick and send them off to Benediction.
    And there was only one showing on a Sunday evening.
    The cinema owner escaped the wrath because he was of the Jewish persuasion.

  • dewi

    Seriously (for once and once only) I’m bemused by the economics of all this. Where does the revenue come from for newspapers to keep going?
    What’s the economic principles concerning the transfer of inyellectual property from newspaper sites to blogs?
    Should not Slugger pay every time it links to an external site? – And Malcolm what on earth was that about?

  • joeCanuck @ 09:27 PM:

    Now here are two curious corollaries from my anecdote and your neat response:

    I was expecting a hostile response. It may yet be in e-space.
    In ten days’ time I shall be fraternising with my American (Jewish) grand-children.

    Curiously, both (so far) make me feel a better person.

  • No, dewi @ 09:36 PM, it’s the side-bars.

    Each time you hit one of those ads, by design or by accident, there is a pay-back.

    And Slugger is no exception.

  • joeCanuck

    And that is a good reason to deliberately or otherwise to occasionally hit one of those ads. I haven’t seem Mick begging for tips for quite a while although I do throw in a few quid from time to time.

  • Dewi

    It’s just the economic paradigm that I’m interesisd in – can’t quite work it out -I cant spell either