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From Monday the Irish Times will be freely available online at their new website www.irishtimes.com – current subscribers will be offered a refund for their remaining subscription. The editor Geraldine Kennedy cites, among others, the New York Times move noted here. Welcome to the conversation. The article announcing the move is, unfortunately, subs req.. Adds The announcement is now freely available online..

The changes announced today mark the start of an exciting programme of online development which, over the coming months, will see the www.irishtimes.com site enhanced with richer content in the form of pictures, graphics, audio and video. We will be developing content in areas of particular interest to our readers, which will allow them to interact better both with each other and with us on subjects of common interest.

Update Irish Times now ‘no subs req’.

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  • Peat Blog

    If only we had similar broadsheet coverage in the north.

  • foreign correspondent

    Well the Telly technically is a broadsheet. Problem is it has a tabloid mentality…
    I heartily welcome the freeing up of the IT website. It was originally free but they introduced a subscription fee in about 2001-2002 when they had their serious money problems. Hopefully this means financially they are on a sound footing again. Let´s face it, for all its faults the IT is by far the best serious paper on the island of Ireland.

  • Pete Baker

    The Irish Times’ wall comes down early.

  • joeCanuck

    Noooo. You have to pay for the crosswords.

  • Curious

    Anybody know if they’ve plans to free the archives?