“The environment is safe in my hands..”

WorldbyStorm channels ELO for his consideration of the new Northern Ireland Environment Minister, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson. But perhaps Mark Devenport was right with his assessment, on Stormont Today last night, with his line on “unionism’s answer to Boris Johnson” – he has shown a distinct inconsistency on the issues. The man himself faced questions in the Assembly for the first time yesterday in typically knockabout fashion.. [see below the fold] And yet.. he’ll need to tone down the conspiratorial rhetoric if he wants those issues to remain Somebody Else’s Problem. The Alliance Party’s Naomi Long has his measure it seems [3min 12sec in] – “If ever there was an argument for decoupling environmental protection and the Department of the Environment, the current Minister is that argument.”

The new Environment Minister’s first question time in the Assembly

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  • The Raven

    I will be interested to see if Mr Wilson is as diligent with regard to THIS particular issue: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7319891.stm

    ….including legal fees, replacement trees and all the rest. The case, according to DOE, is “under investigation.

    As an aside, the smug backpatting and jocularity frankly made me want to hurl chunks, as did the sight of Iris Robinson, who remains, it appears, uncastigated for her recent stance.

  • observer

    Sammy would benefit from a bit of speech training. His usual style of knock about delivery is fine for the comedy routines but not for the serious business of answering ministerial questions. He can only get better. No sign in the Chamber of the opportunist Green Party MLA during Sammy’s first question time. Was he outside hugging a tree?

  • Kaido

    Isn’t Virus a terrible flibbertigibbet when the cameras are pointed in her direction.

    Does a career on the stage beckon ??

  • Peat Blog

    What are the fines for exposing yourself to trees? Is there a Tree Offenders Register?

    On a serious note. it was interesting that Sammy mentioned the City of Derry Golf Club TPO enforcement case. I undertand that the felled tree in question was actually owned by the Woodland Trust who naturally pressed the DOE into taking action. Hardly the best case study for yur first question time.

    The line of attck against the SDLP on PPS14 is also interesting. Will the DUPers then hold the line over a stricter new draft policy?