Adams threat to go “back to the drawing board”

I’m sorry to miss an important speech from Gerry Adams in London tonight before what I expect will be the usual captive audience of the far English and Irish left who remain among his greatest admirers. According to a supplied text, the SF president will make his familiar claim that the GFA and St Andrew’s are all part of the long term plan to achieve ” a new all Ireland Republic”; and he will make his usual appeal for not only Westminster opinion but sympathisers in the London, Welsh and Scottish devolved bodies to become “persuaders” for Irish unity. No news yet though on how the heralded campaign is to be organised. The familiar hot and cold rhythm of an Adams speech was in evidence. First, devolution with Paisley and now with Robinson is not going badly

Sinn Féin has recently entered into a negotiation with the DUP and the two governments. We do not envisage this being a long process.

Then came the complaint:

The devolution of policing and justice powers away from Whitehall and into the hands of Irish political leaders is not an optional extra for the DUP. An Acht na Gaeilge is not an optional extra. The outstanding issues from St. Andrews including the Irish Language Act can be sorted out if there is the necessary political leadership and resolve. But let me be very clear. The rights and entitlements of citizens cannot and will not be subject to the whims of the most right wing or reactionary elements within political unionism. We will simply not allow it.

Finally, the vague threat:

If this process is not delivering for citizens than it is failing and we may need to return to the drawing board. believe this process can deliver. I believe the institutions can deliver. But only if there is political will on the part of the DUP leadership to do that and if not then there is an onus on the two governments to fulfil their obligations under the Good Friday and St. Andrews Agreement.

What price on a deal for devolving Justice and Policing by the summer?

  • Does Gerry Adams believe in the New World Order,The Illuminati, the Common Purpose conspiracy (is he am member?), crop circles, that Diana was bumped off as he was the incarnation of Hypata? We deserve to know. One tihng is sure. He belongs with the other harmlessful cranks.

  • El Paso

    But will he be wearing a tie? That’s the big issue for unionists, they couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck about anything else.

    Dave: keep up the good work, you should consider joining a party.

  • EWI

    I’m sorry to miss an important speech from Ian Paisley in London tonight before what I expect will be the usual captive audience of the far English and Irish Right who remain among his greatest admirers.

    There, fixed.

  • cynic

    “If this process is not delivering for citizens than it is failing and we may need to return to the drawing board. ”

    …the same old hollow threat that Gerry has wheeled out time and time again over the last 13 years ….and every time its more and more apparent how hollow it is.

    And “we simply will not allow it”?

    Errrr……the reality of the dispensation they signed up to is simple ….. no concensus on issues, then no deal, so no legislation and no change. So either they all learn how to agree or nothing happens. It’s back to Politics 1.1.

    And if they all run away, throw teddy in the corner and sulk, who will really care?

    The Bits? Not so long as the place is reasonably quiet.

    Loyalists? What will fire them up if SF are seen to be baulked?

    So let’s assume that SF did pull the plug….. what then? Wheel out PIRA or street violence again? Where will that get them? Will the Nationalist population really support that and if they do wont they blame the SF leadership for a failed strategy? SF will become the new Stickies…. not a comfortable position with resurgent dissidents about and no guns left in the cupboard.

    No, the sad reality is that we are all in this together and everyone is going to have to give up some of their totems and compromise. Whoops…I used that c word.

    Anyway, now who will dare to tell Catriona?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Back when the original assembly was getting under way after the Agreement, the DUP threatened not to take part in the Executive. This threat was ignored by everyone, including Sinn Fein, and the general consensus was that the Agreement and the Executive would go on without them.

    If SF decide that they will now not play ball, then they are free to leave the Executive and allow everyone else to get on with it. Another goal in the net for the DUP. It’s pretty likely that this will in no way effect the stability of the institutions.

  • dr who

    ‘And if they all run away, throw teddy in the corner and sulk, who will really care? -The Bits? ‘????????

    Whose ‘Bits’ are you talking about, Cynic?

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  • ggn

    In the context of the debate that was in it I am sure that Gerry’s consituents are somewhat reassured by the MLA’s views.

  • cynic

    errrr try ‘Brits’ Dr Who and please let him play the man if he wants….usually a sign that a point struck home and I dont offend easily

  • circles

    How about this then for all those seeing bogeymen in this speech: “If this process is not delivering for citizens then it is failing and ahh, well, I mean like theres no need to talk about any of that is there. Cos like then I mean, to mention going back to the drawing board would be like a threat wouldn’t it?”
    What else should he actually say here? If Robinson said this I wouldn’t see it as a threat either – its fairly fucking logical really that if its not working then it should be fixed.

  • Brian Walker

    Circles, I think it’s fair of me to point out the Adams technique, which typically blows hot and cold. He was doing more than stating the obvious. A hint of threat or menace is part of his style, even his philosophy, I believe. He used it to put on pressure which of course he is quite entitled to do. The Adams piece can be set alongside “Robinson blows his cool”, one of the bursts of cold anger which quite often emerge from the otherwise tightly disciplined First Minister. People have their personality traits but they often speak for effect. It would be wrong to miss that.

  • La Dolorosa

    I attended the meeting – probably say about 25-300 were there. Lots of new young and ethnically diverse faces – so apart from anything else it shows that some people are still interested and engaged in politics.

    I was very impressed by mary Lou MacDonald and Conor Murphy – first time I have heard them speak. They definitely represent a new era for SF and I think might become the future Gerry & Martin of the party.

    I am sorry that Brian missed it.