Tories leave an open goal (to the DUP?)

God knows what possessed David Davies to resign his seat over last night’s defeat in Westminster. It looks like Cameron’s men are going to try and sideline him as thoroughly as they can. Labour and the Lib Dems are saying they may not contest it. It makes no sense for the Lib Dems (who are on the same political page as Davies), and Labour is probably too unpopular to inflict sufficient damage to make it pay handsomely. But there is a party which might. There is some chat in the DUP that it might just take the field if no one else will. They managed to wrong foot everyone at Westminster, including the Tories, by concealing their intentions, but voting in the end with their own conscience (don’t wait up for that payment of 30 pieces of silver, it ain’t coming). More over at Brassneck.

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