“could be absolutely critical..”

It was the subject of speculation about a deal on Sunday’s Politics Show and, ahead of tomorrow’s Commons vote on 42-day detention, Stormont Live today had BBC political correspondent Jo Cockburn at Westminster on the the fate of the nine DUP votes. What’s clear is that no-one at Westminster believes the DUP’s Jeffrey Dondalson’s claim that the bill is “too important to be a matter of horse-trading”.

  • I’m slightly surprised by this from Sky:

    The three SDLP MPs from Northern Ireland say they will vote with the Government, which has disappointed the Labour rebels.

  • And the BBC says the opposite:
    The three SDLP MPs have indicated they will vote against Wednesday’s bill.

  • Gum

    Hopefully the DUP will vote against this bill. There is fighting terror and there is destroying centuries of our most basic freedoms. This bill is the later.

  • WindsorRocker

    Have to say I couldn’t believe the SDLP would have voted for this bill on its merits….

    Mind you, it would have been smart to vote for it so the govt didn’t have to rely on the DUP votes…..