Nearly there…

Sinn Fein had a group briefing today, it began at 3pm (we’re expecting some news from about 4.30pm) which follows what one UUP source described as a ‘kiss and make up’ session between the two parties. Alex Maskey and Jeffrey Donaldson were seen jointly briefing two senior journalists in Stormont canteen. The Speaker has scheduled a plenary for tomorrow from 2-4. Nominations should come about 3.30pm, if you want to set your timers for the big moment (or not)!

  • Nationalist Outreach :>

    well there we go.

    how do our Republican friends on here feel the party’s status in their heartlands will be affected by this episode ?

  • Dewi

    Depends on the outcome.

  • Ahem

    Presumably “IRA: I Ran Away” has long since been replaced on the walls of West Belfast by, “Sinn Fein: painfully lame”?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Given the past history of the parties involved, you have to wonder if the whole thing was orchestrated, including the DUP reaction.

    And if the nomination does go ahead smoothly, who will have benefitted from this whole silly episode ?

  • Saddos

    Feck would you look at the state of those three – like the Japanese on the island unaware the world had moved on. How sad… …and quaint