To infinity and beyond..

STS-124 crew patchThe Phoenix lander on Mars might have found the ice it was looking for [new link here]. Meanwhile problems with the plumbing on the International Space Station have meant a last minute addition to the Space Shuttle Discovery’s payload on mission STS-124 – there’s a stow-away too.. Lift-off expected at 10.02pm tonight [BST], launch blog here, and NASA TV will broadcast the launch live. Adds STS-124, Discovery launch video from ReelNASA And Almost a compare and contrast below the fold.

Footage of the Apollo 11 launch with comments from Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins, and other Apollo astronauts. From the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon.

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  • Rory

    I am pleased that they found some ice; now if only they can remember where they stashed the gin…


    This is Northern Ireland, you’ll have trouble getting most of us to Finaghy and beyond.

  • Jer

    Well its certainly starting off well if its already found ice!. Whats its operational life on Mars?

  • Pete Baker


    It would be a very good start, indeed. The image at the new link in the original post is very promising.

    The lander isn’t expected to survive the Martian winter. But you never know.

    According to the Guardian’s Science Blog, Nasa are twittering a 90-day survival expectancy.

  • Mark McGregor


    Do you know a site with a course/times for this:


  • Pete Baker


    Well, Heavens Above will cover the later stuff.

    Possibly too much futuring involved for the earlier prediction.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Good luck Discovery – A shuttle launch is always exciting and worrying as well but well worth watching. I remember coming home from school to see the Challenger tragedy on the news so it’s always good to see them up safely. I love hearing the speed figures at about T+1min – 1000mph – wow! Some ride!

    Anyway, back to the Blue Nun…

  • Pete Baker


    I might have an old-skool launch available tomorrow.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Cool, look forward to that!

  • BfB

    Just arrived back from the launch….
    Beautiful clouds, and blue sky..
    I’ve seen 4 so far and it remains a truly awe inspiring, jaw dropping, ground shaking, thunderous, event. If ever you have a remote chance you have to take this in… beyond words….
    Good luck to the Kibo lab and the rest.

  • Pete Baker


    Took a bit longer than expected.

    But I’ve added that earlier footage.

  • joeCanuck

    Worth waiting for, Pete. That earlier footage evokes so many memories and the commentary was a great bonus.

  • Pete Baker

    The full 2 hour documentary is well worth watching, Joe.

  • abucs

    Some great space photographs from the Hubble Telescope:

    It looks like a beautiful universe.

  • joeCanuck

    A footprint has now been photographed by Phoenix (can you link, Pete?).
    I reserve the right to claim priority of discovery of life on Mars, based on my previous septic tank hypothesis.

  • Pete Baker

    You mean this ‘footprint’, Joe?

  • joeCanuck

    Yep, Pete. That’s the one. Can you imagine the feverish speculation that is going to cause. Of course, I have priority, hehehe.