“wants to put his seal of approval on devolution..”

More media management ahead.. Out-going US President George Bush wasn’t able to make the investment conference, he sent a video instead, but the BBC are reporting that he will stop by in June. The White House website tells us that the presidential travel plans for Europe are set for June 9 to June 16. And, interestingly, according to UTV’s Ken Reid, by then Peter Robinson should be the new Northern Ireland First Minister.. with a special sitting of the Assembly “being arranged for the afternoon of Thursday June 5.” Which means that we might get to see what the difference is between then and now.. There’s one other point to note from the BBC report

The details of the presidential visit are still being worked out. However, it is understood that Mr Bush wants to put his seal of approval on devolution.

Well, that would be partial devolution..

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  • final indignity

    So, will those strident imperialists the shinners make a stand against Bush’s war crimes when he visits? Will they murmur a word of protest against his administration’s unrelenting support for Israeli genocide in Palestine? Or continuing covert support for far right militias in Central America?

    Or will they roll over to have their bellies tickled by Bush for fifteen minutes, thrilled at the attention once more and claiming it’s to bolster Irish American support for ‘the cause’?
    With NI’s constitutional position as part of the USA’s biggest aircraft carrier (the UK) not only unchanged but bolstered by their support for the enshrinement of the unionist veto in international law?

    I wonder.

  • final indignity

    Strident ANTI-imperialists, apologies. Dr Freud.

  • Gregory

    “With NI’s constitutional position as part of the USA’s biggest aircraft carrier (the UK)”

    Well it would be nice if the Brits had a real aircraft carrier of their own,

    it might buck their ideas up, there is something strange about dropping bombs on a camp perimeter in Afghanistan if it is the home base.

    it is like squirting a machine gun in an embassy window in Saigon,

    That losing thing, it is a downer in America, the Brits can do losing, they’ll just get somebody to issue a press release saying they won.

    The visit will be useful.


  • final indignity, as the UK and Ireland are both in use by the Bush administration for its oil (oops) overseas adventures does that make the Republic a punt – and I don’t mean the imminent FM?

  • There was a rumour that GWB would be dropping into the Old Bushmills Distillery today for a wee drap o the hard stuff – but it’s only the Prince of Wales. Perhaps George will stop by in June to meet with his Ulster kith and kin …

  • Briso

    Pete wrote: Well, that would be partial devolution..

    Is there another sort?

  • USA

    This little Irish stop over is more about George W and his legacy than anything else. He wants to be seen as an international peacemaker; he is talking about a peace settlement in Palestine by December. The guy is a complete moron, he has no chance of peace in Palestine because his administration has not done the ground work required. The same applies in Belfast, he has played no constructive part and does not deserve the right to place his mark of approval on the “peace process”.
    Treat him with the contempt and disdain he deserves. His administration is in disgrace, the Democrats and most of the American people are ready to deconstruct everything this prick has ever done.

  • Mark McGregor

    While SF and the DUP may invite Bush to the north and seek his approval I hear several groups are planning how to show their disgust.

    Vive la résistance!

    I wonder if any SF reps would dare address a protest again while their leaders are legitimising Bush after the booing and ridicule they experienced in 2003 when trying to speak out of both sides of their mouths.