That was entertainment (back in the day)…

It was the seventies, and I distinctly remember one ijit having his ears pierced by his mate (a drawing pin was the preferred instrument) on a school window sill on the corridor outside Room 5, if I recall correctly. Ah yes, we had to make our own entertainment back then (when we weren’t listening to Radio 1 on plastic, Hong Kong made ‘transistor radios’). Stuart Bailie has similar memories from a similar time, only it was Indian Ink and tatoos in his case. A great new blog from the BBC!

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  • pacman

    I can remember an old girlfriend piercing my ear with a sewing needle and a spud held at the back of the ear to give the needle something solid to sink into.

    To be fair, it swelled up only once and after a 1/2 day application of dettol, it’s never given me any bother since.

  • Dec

    Sewing needles, drawing pins. Pah! I just pushed the earing through (pointed end) after heating the tip with a cigarette lighter for 5 seconds and applying an ice cube to the target area. Other than a chronic infection with Hepatitis B, I never suffered any ill effects.

  • Debbie

    I’m too big a coward for any of that stuff, but taping bits of bread from your lunch to the window and seeing the birds fly over to get it and hitting the window was a favorate of our class.

  • The Third Policeman

    70’s thing? Aye right Mick! I pierced my friend’s ear last year there with a safety pin and some ice cubes. As a medical student he assumed I was the most qualified for the job. The trick is to remember to open the safety pin first, that makes things alot easier……

  • The Third Policeman

    By the way, I wonder Dec was that infection form the earing itself or from the class of women it attracted?

  • Rory

    I once unbuttoned my shirt at the neck and slightly loosened my tie. How I ever escaped a heavy gaol sentence for such an impudent breach of rules I shall never know.

  • pacman

    Your eyes mustn’t have been close enough together Rory. Down our way that would’ve been worthy of the unleashing of multiple plastic (or gven that it’s a retro thread – rubber) bullets. 🙂

  • joeCanuck

    I went to a summer job tieless back in the late 60s and was immediately sent home by my supervisor for a tie before the “big boss” saw me. When he did later see me, he complained severely to my supervisor that I had long hair whereas I was neat and tidy at my interview a few months before.