“if we have the right telescope..”

Galactic CentreNASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander won’t attempt that final precarious 7 minute descent until 25th May.. so expect more coverage as that date approaches. Meanwhile you could spend some time exploring the universe with the wondrous Microsoft Worldwide Telescope. The Guardian’s Jack Schofield has some useful background – it made Robert Scoble cry – although Jack’s Guardian colleague can’t get past his Mac fixation.. ANYhoo.. the Guided Tours are magnificent – the image is from the tour of the Centre of the Milky Way and is a radio-wave view, taken by the Very Large Array Telescope, of Sagittarius A, within which likely lurks a super-massive blackhole at the Galactic Centre, surrounded by supernova remnant shells and filaments created by magnetic fields. NASA seem happy too. Some FAQs here. What would Galileo say?..

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  • joeCanuck

    Do you think the NASA folks can hold their breath for 7 minutes?
    Mars landings have such a horrible record. Hope it’s totally successful – I might be holding my own breath a little.

  • Pete Baker

    “Mars landings have such a horrible record.”

    Indeed, Joe.

    As the linked BBC report notes

    Landing on Mars is a notoriously tricky business: Nasa’s new associate administrator Ed Weiler summed it up with a simple statistic: “Fifty-five percent of all human attempts to land robots on Mars have failed,” he told journalists at a news conference in Washington DC.

  • percy

    “I can’t see anything?” lol
    There’s a hyperlink there somewhere pete 😉

  • joeCanuck


    I don’t suppose by any chance you followed the link I suggested in the “cathedrals” blog about the UFO above the spires. Would it be appropriate to repost it here. It truly does look strange.

  • Pete Baker

    I didn’t get a chance to check it, Joe, but bear in mind it was a 360 degree view so there may be some distortion involved at the extremes of the image.

  • somehow im downloading a lego thing instead of telescope???

  • Pete Baker

    “a lego thing”?

    The link is still working for me.

    Make sure you check the system requirements in the FAQs.

  • joeCanuck

    Doest’r run for me. I rechecked the requirements and it says duo core processor. I have everything else except that so that must be the problem. I might try reinstalling but I seem to be screwed. pity.

  • Pete Baker


    The duo core processor isn’t essential or it wouldn’t have installed so easily on my system.