“it would have blazed with colour..”

Frankly, I’d rather see the money spent on this hokum donated instead to the conservation of the 13th century Cosmati Pavement at Westminster Abbey – even though it predicts the end of the world.

Few modern visitors have ever seen it, although since 1268 kings and princes, queens and cardinals have walked across a symbol laden mosaic as intricate as a piece of jewellery. It is made up of rare marbles and gemstones, including some recycled from monuments 1,000 years older, and pieces of coloured glass, set in complex allegorical patterns into a framework of Purbeck marble cut as intricately as a jigsaw puzzle. “When this floor was new it would have blazed with colour,” Vanessa Simeoni, the abbey’s head of conservation said. “The materials were chosen for their brilliance and shine, and the quality of the craftsmanship is actually shocking, the ultimate that could be achieved.”

  • DINC

    I don’t get it Pete? What’s wrong with preserving it? It looks awesome.

  • DINC

    raaar. Ignore me, I need to read better.

  • Pete Baker

    Not a problem, Dave. ;o)

  • Gregory

    What do you mean recycled? It is classical vandalism by monks on meth, my ancestors were pig ignorant, that I admit, but in 423 AD whilst out looking for work in South Shields,

    it was suggested that they help dismantle a bloody big wall,

    they turned down the offer, they were honest grafters not fly by night demolition artists. Sadly the records for this went up in flames when SF/IRA/NASUWT set fire to the four courts.

    Doesn’t Westminster have a grammar school?


    Maybe dere it is.

  • I wonder if the literary critics and editors are reading?

    Half way through another far less inspiring topic my synapses made a connection. It’s from the back end of Milton’s Paradise Lost, Book I:

    Mammon, the least erected Spirit that fell
    From heav’n, for ev’n in heav’n his looks & thoughts
    Were always downward bent, admiring more
    The riches of Heav’ns pavement, trod’n Gold,
    Then aught divine or holy else enjoy’d
    In vision beatific.

    The context is very precise: Satan has roused the fallen demons; and they gather at the newly-built Pandemonium. As Milton implies, this is an analogy for Parliament.

    So, surely, “Heav’ns pavement” in that reference must be drawn from another Westminster memory, that of the Cosmati Pavement here?

    I don’t know if the learned exegeses of Milton make the link, and I’m not going to ransack the boxes in the attic to check, but I bet they soon will. If so, I hope some honest academic editor (huh, some hopes!) gives credit where it’s due. Remember: you first saw it here!

  • reinstate@freewill.com

    As people begin to age the gods employ corrupting tactics. They ultimately begin to look down on the children and the wisdom they recently understood:::
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    It’s not old people who go to heaven. Old people must come back because of the mistakes they’ve made throughout their lives. Children are the ones who have the opportunity to ascend.

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