Ken relying on a wing, a prayer and a shedload of elastic bands…

Ken Livingstone, one time favourite for the London mayorality now looks to be in serious trouble on the eve of poll, depending of course on which opinion poll you put your faith in. As Oliver Kamm notes, he has always been favoured with an opponent who has made some strategically disastrous mistake. In Boris Johnson, it seems his luck may just be in the process of running out. Nevertheless, two polls give him a narrow lead over the mop haired old Etonian. The one with the better track record, YouGov, gives it handsomely to Boris. I’m in London from early on and will be Twittering for Brassneck. If all goes well, I should be there in time to watch Ken vote at 8.30. More at Brassneck.
Adds: Guido’s confident.

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