Make that a double fudge..

According to the BBC’s anonymous sources

It is understood an amendment has been agreed which would give ministers power to appoint a chief commissioner, if desired, at a later date.

I doubt that’s sufficient to be described as ‘near resolution’ – the commission’s decision making process isn’t mentioned for a start. But May 6th is being reported as the likely date for the legislation to return appear at the Assembly.

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  • joeCanuck

    Everything seems to run at the equivalent of Civil Service top speed. Wonder if that’s significant?

  • Bob Wilson

    So that’s a concession that the DUP wanted (the possibilty of a Chief Commissioner)balanced by one for sinn Fein (a veto on there actually ever being a Chief Commissioner)

  • steve48

    Peter “sorry Marty the boys were acting u a bit cos Big Ian was out of the country”

    Marty “no problem Peter can happen to anyone, just make sure it doesn’t happen again”

  • steve48


  • bob

    Think the civil service comment is irrelevant – unless joe is suggesting that this is just a little administrative tussle?

    The dup are clearly holding out for a good deal on this one in terms of further concessions on the bill. Guess we will just have to wait and see…