“Caitriona Ruane has acted in a mature and considered fashion..”

On the BBC NI Politics Show today there was another attempt to have a mature and constructive discussion about the future for post-primary education here.

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  • Gregory

    “The first time I heard the word ‘pedagogy’ I thought the Danish teacher who used it had transliterated the entire word from her own language. ”

    I heard about the Danish version when I was at the UN. Danish parents issued a shadow report related to the usual. I think Save The Children helped them do it.

    You do not want to hear my views on Danish teachers, don’t start me on that. I have enough on my plate with Ms Ruane.

    The FBB came into being because of widespread sexual abuse of pre-school children in kindergartens.


    Child Sexual Abuse in Denmark:
    Report to the UN Committee
    on the Rights of the Child
    Alternative Report to the Second Periodic Report of Denmark
    Danish Association of Parents
    for the Protection of Children (FBB)
    April 2001

  • Gregory

    “Just on your last post, school uniforms are a must to avoid schools becoming fashion parades and income differentials being exposed day in and out.”

    Ruane has her head in the clouds on the uniform issue sa well, I got a letter from her on the topic and I decided on the strength of that I would never meet her (again) in person.

    I’ve met her in Stormont, but I’m never going to be in the same room as her. Her letter was pretty darn insulting. I don’t take from anybody.

    And as per usual, she was completely wrong, which is to be expected.

    Uniforms, are probably not a good idea as such. They cause a lot of trouble, these days, I think, we’re better off without them.

    The teaching profesion needs to move into an era where it can’t tell people what to wear. Why should they hae that right? That is what the army does, or the navy, why should a school do it?

    I think that has to be the future. I had a bellyful of fruitake & mentally deranged teachers in England & Wales causing all sort of trouble in relation to uniforms.

    Over here, the average school also acts in a fairly lawless kind of way on the issue. Parental consultations, which are a legal requirment, don’t really happen.

    Isolating a kid, is a major human rights thing, yet one can get it for having long hair. my view is, that if a teacher isolates a teenager unlawfully, he/she should go to jail.

    One issue is serious, the other isn’t serious. Teachers in NI, are a wee bit too pampered, and it is time they began to obey the law.

    Ruane isn’t gping to help with that, like the IRA’s campaign of death, she cherry picks what part of the legal inheritance she wants,

    Teachers got away with so much for so long, it is essential they’re brought down to earth with a little bump. Child rights are REAL, not just something for the shelf at NICCY.


  • 0b101010

    I’m for uniforms in the same way I’m for single-sex schools. They remove distractions. My thirteen-year-old self would have vehemently disagreed, though.

    If you don’t like a school’s uniform policy, vote with your feet and send your child to a different one.

  • Gregory

    It is a human rights thing, uniforms are out of place in a free society.

    We have to get away from exclusion and selection based on bourgeois values.

    If Ruane by some miracle survives the next few weeks, I’ll be doing her on the uniform issue as well, I’ve considerable more experience on that issue than the entire SF party combined.

    Teachers spend more time worrying about their little control fetishes than they do about teaching, which is the only legitimate state interest with da school thing.

    The EOC when it was still in biz said school uniforms lead to increased sex assaults.

    (they really did)

    What a perv idea, actually the idea came from a teaching union. I would refer you to the USDoJ CRIPA lawsuit relating to Michigan DOC.

    Chairman Mao suits reduce sex crime etc. HRW issued a statement. In fact, the DOC were hiring sex offenders to guard the female inmates as well.

    The EOC thang is on the web. I was in the middle of one of my schoolskirt banning squabbles when tht came into being.

    The DfES thought that banning skirts might help perv teachers keep their hands of the little girls. The EOC for some bizarre reason actually went with the flow.

    “personal safety: girls may be able to run faster in trousers than a skirt and they may be less vulnerable to indecent assault”

    EOC in Britain, a variation on a theme.

    Teachers are wired up.


  • willis

    Any chance of a few links?

  • Gregory

    It came up in the skirt court cases, at that point the DfES gave up as they wanted to keep the DfES/EOC discussions out of the public domain.

    From the EOC archive site.

    ‘Fifth, the settlement agreement imposes a dress code on the women inmates. The imposition of a dress code sends the wrong message to the corrections staff. It effectively shifts the blame for sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and invasions of privacy from the offending corrections staff to the women. The women’s rights movement has worked for decades to dispel the myth that women “provoke” attacks or “ask for it” by dressing in ways which are perceived as “immodest.” By imposing a dress code on the women, the settlement not only places the blame squarely on the women, but it gives the corrections officers another means to punish and harass the women.’


    In relation to the ‘unsubstantiated’ relating to the Second item, in the UK and NI, schoolchildren have a hard time woth that sort of thing. In fact even when male teachers leave seme on the classroom furniture etc.

    So into court with Ruane ( if she survives) for that as well.

    ‘The barrister added: “In case the girls couldn’t believe their eyes, forensic scientists found the teacher’s semen on two chairs.”‘


    I want to keep the concept of false allegations in the realm of the semi-sane.

    The teachers unions don’t.