On the ‘we’re a popular party’ fallacy…

For those of you with sufficiently long memories, it was obvious Margaret Thatcher was coming to her Machievellian end, when she blamed poor public opinion of her Council Tax (aka Poll Tax) proposals on poor presentation. It looks like Gordon Brown’s advisor’s may be suffering from the same delusion. More over at Brassneck .

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  • RepublicanStones

    Mick i still have the image of Thatcher leaving No 10 after her push, the camera flashes refelecting off her teared up eyes as she got into the car. I nearly felt a pang of sympathy, until i remembered what the old bat had done……..snatch our milk (among other things) !
    Interesting in the brasseye piece, and it is the weakest and most nondescript cabinet i can remember, makes you miss the days Of Mellor and his Chelsea strip.

  • Gregory

    I think it was Attila the Hun who first sappreciated that he needed to buy-in his press relations because it wasn’t working.

    He had Hun matrons in tears as he described the devastation and carnage he had witnessed. He pointed the finger of blame very firmly at a ‘federal Europe’.

    In fairness, he resisted agricultural subsidies and thought settled farming in general was for suckers bled white by a ceaselessly expanding bureaucracy.

    He had the confidence of his cabinet right to the end, no hand-bagging required,

    people instinctively knew that if Attila said everybody had to pay him a poll tax regardless of their means, it was a mistake to disagree.