Robinson to be the next leader

It seem Peter Robinson has been declared leader designate of the DUP. Annonced in time for his meeting with Brian Cowan. A meeting between two men who are likely to dominate Irish politics north and south for at least the next four years, and possibly ten.

  • barcas

    I note that Robinson’s elevation to leader designate is announced in The Earth Times by the DUP.

    Would that be the “Flat” Earth Times, by any chance?

  • Or perhaps the “Young” Earth Times, barcas.

  • Greenflag

    Looks like it was a practical meeting with some benefit for the financial services sectors in both jurisdictions .

    Peter looked a bit stunned/ashen faced or just his age ?

  • ParousiaHibernia


  • threads

    Can we have a new thread on the financial services agreement.. not that the politicos will understand the impact of such initiatives such as the greening of this little economic outpost…

  • New Yorker

    I endorse a new thread on the financial services agreement. It is very significant. If it is indicative of the Cowen-Robinson relationship, more positive developments should be on the way.

  • Crataegus

    How long will he stay on top? All paths now lead down.

    A thread on FSA would be interesting.

  • Philip

    So what will this new paring be called: the beret brothers? Answers on a postcard…..

  • Billy Pilgrim

    I guess Dodds will move to Finance, yes?

    If so, that creates a vacancy at Enterprise. Any thoughts on the DUP reshuffle? I’m thinking perhaps Foster will stay put while Poots will get his P45, leaving Donaldson and Campbell to pick up Enterprise and Culture respectively. (The thought of Gregory Campbell as Culture minister is even more shudder-inducing than Poots.)

    Which in turn creates a vacancy as junior minister under our new FM (who Darth Rumsfeld has brilliant named King Punt).

    Given our soon-to-be Glorious Leader’s long established preference for keeping it in the family, perhaps it’ll be Iris?

    Also: did Dodds simply conclude that he had no chance of winning, or does his support for Punt have a price? Diane as candidate for South Belfast, perhaps?

  • Notastalker

    Rumour has it he’s a fan of Stella… Get it?

  • Muad’Dub

    Robinson will not last long. If the journo’s can be accused ot having a grudge against Junior that’s nothing compared to the one they’re going to have against Robinson. There isn’t so much skeletons in the closet as a fecking boneyard. Many of our favourite journos have been sitting on juicey stories for years knowing this day would come. Dodds was smart not to contest because he knows that if he keeps his head down it’ll be his anyway. How disappointing.

  • Myles Long

    Anyone remember his wife bringing him “Ulster”(as opposed to the local Monaghan stuff) food when he was in custody in Monaghan for hooliganism in Clontibret? Geography was never Iris’ forté obviously.

    Anyway I’m heartened that a guy who once daubed graffiti on the local COI primary school in Clontibret can now become a Statesman! Gives hope to skangers everywhere…

  • Billy Pilgrim


    “Rumour has it he’s a fan of Stella… Get it?”

    Er, can’t say I do….?